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mdr77December 14, 2008

A couple of days ago we had a heavy rain/ice storm in Massachusetts. After, I noticed that the carpet in one room of our finished basement was damp. We've pulled it up, thrown out that section of carpet (and padding). The floor appears damp on one side of the room (around 5ft by 5ft) and mainly next to where the wall/floor meet.

We are going to check our gutters, downspouts and grading around the house in that section, but my question is... should I have a contractor come and lay down a sealant first? Is Servpro a good provider or should I go with someone else?

Also, what type of sealant is best? I've read that latex doesn't last long. Is RadonSeal.com worth it? I'm a new (and lacking in knowledge) homeowner that is completely lost.

Any advice (or step by step actions) appreciated!

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I would check your downspouts before I called anyone out. You could well have a downspout problem that can easily be resolved.

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just my 2 cents....downspout issues and grading are the biggest culprits for what you describe. If you haven't had a problem before, I support what the other folks suggest, check downspouts and gutters.

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