Does anyone have a really deep vanity?

aliris19January 28, 2013

I have to put a vanity into a master bath that's been sitting, done - ABV - for nearly two years now. DH is not happy but I just cannot get any vision or inspiration for this space. It is driving me absolutely nuts.

Can anyone help out?

The room is not huge but I don't have measurements just now. I will try to describe the layout. There is an entrance door in the middle of the short wall of a rectangle. To the left along the left wall is the toilet (there's a slight jog in the wall so the toilet is a little out of sight of the open door) and then along the further edge of that left wall is the tub. Straight across from the door is a window and then there is an open, deep wall to the right. As I recall the depth (from doorway to right wall) is about 30" and length is about 100". There is a single water source plumbed into the wall at about 30" from wall that adjoins the door-wall.

Does that even make any sense?

So I have to fashion a vanity along this right-wall. The room is fairly dark and the stone and tile I have in there is dark greyish travertine and the like.

I like the look of these tall towers or hutches that are built in to the vanity, but I don't know how I could incorporate that. If I put it close to the door I think it will loom and close in the room a lot. But anywhere else and I'm afraid it would just feel silly.

I don't think we need more than one sink; it's just more to clean. I have a square undermount kohler sink I like very much, about 17" x 19".

I guess my question is, if it's possible to tell from this description: would a tower along the right wall down by the door be too overpowering in such a space? Usually these tall towers seem to be set back across the space from a doorway, not be right next to what you walk into. If that right??

Sorry for the amorphous question.... any and all thoughts appreciated all the same!

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A floorplan, even drawn by hand with dimensions included, would be helpful to visualize the room. Do you have any photos you can post? If I'm picturing your room correctly, I agree that a tower very close to the door when you walk in is probably going to look overpowering but posting a layout of the room might lead to some alternative options to consider.

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I just went through the same thought process and have spent hours on Houzz. The single tower overpowers a single bowl vanity. What I wanted to do, before I canned the whole idea, was to recess the tower into the wall a few inches, like you would a medicine cabinet. It would look less boxy and preserve more counter space in front of the tower. I would make the tower only as tall as the mirror or slightly taller. I was going to front the tower with a mirror so that the entire length of the vanity was mirrored. But I didn't want my tower stuck in the corner because my door opens where it would block the tower.

I took Hollysprings' and GreenDesigns' advice and came up with another plan. I added another tower to balance it. But I decided it was too much for a guest bath and I'll just replace my 36" vanity and leave in the built-in linen closet we were going to take out.

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Here's the thread where I posted my cabinetmaker's single tower plan and the twin recessed mirrored towers from Houzz, along with GreenDesign's suggestions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Previous thread

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Sorry mayflowers, didn't mean to ignore your response. I actually was inspired by that earlier thread of yours to write this one.

Treasures - I'll try to get something sketched up... I'm a little overwhelmed at this moment, so back on this later please.


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