Old Vintage Meat Grinder ???

NatetorMay 28, 2011

I recently bought this cast iron meat grinder at a local garage sale, and wanted to find out how much this is worth. So, first place I went to was eBay, and cannot find anything! Second, I googled the company, name, etc. and still cannot find out any information about the company or name on this darn meat grinder! So, I am looking for some expertise on what I have. Would greatly appreciate it!

On top, (where the raw meat goes into) it says, "Bull Dog"

Under that "No. 3" and some letter scripts with a patent date of 1896. Also, on the bottom (where you clamp to the table) it says, "F. H. Co." Any help would be great! Thank you!


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I'd be surprised if it had high value. In the 1940s, I used similar grinders. At that time, down on the farm, people did a fair amount of their own butchering. In our case, it was about the only time of the year the meat grinder was used. We'd butcher 1 or 2 hogs and the grinder got a workout.

Its hard to put a value on this item. It could command a price from used equipment to a collectible. To compute its used price, use 50% of its original cost and then index that price forward to equivalent current price using an inflation factor over those years.

If similar items are no longer made, then the price goes up each year due to increasing rarity.

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It's likely worth between $10 and $15.
Go to Google images and google "antique meat grinders"....when you see something that looks like yours, go to the site and see what it says.
The amount of tinning left greatly affects the value.
Linda C

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Is it large, or would it fit into a foot square box? When I was young, most families had a smaller grinder one would clamp onto a table. I have three of them now, lol. One I married into, one my folks had and one I had. My Daddy would whip it out around the holidays to grind the suet we used for plum pudding and I don't remember them using it for much of anything else other than grinding up ham for salads or maybe a chunk of lean pork for chorizo. It would have been considerably smaller than a grinder one would use when working up hogs, unless you were stuffing sausage casings for a small family and some of them even came with that attachement. Having an old, old patent date doesn't always date the appliance to that time frame, because not much changes with simple mechanical devices like that (and cherry pitters or apple corers). IOW no need for new and improved designs and patents because the old designs worked fine and there wasn't much to improve on. One can still buy small meat grinders and they are still manufactured. If you have a small family sized unit, it could have been made anytime from the patent date on and what Linda said.

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I do appreciate the responses! After I posted, I did notice that a lot of manufactures made these, and more than likely, I have one that is just as common as the others. Mine can fit in a foot square box and does clamp to a counter/table. Thanks again!

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Hi Nate, Although these are a nice decorative item for the house, there were so many produced that they are a common item to find. Value would be $10-$20

Take care,

Here is a link that might be useful: www.InlandVintage.com

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