Anyone know anything about Paine Furniture Manufactory?

jlc102482May 1, 2012

I just bought a Victorian marble top dresser. It's the type with a glove drawer on either side and it also has two candle/lamp sconces, one on each side of the mirror. The style looks to me like half Eastlake and half Renaissance Revival. It has a red embossed tag on the inside of one of the drawers that reads "Paine Furniture Manufactory, Maine" on it. Because the dresser appears to be very well made, I got curious and Googled the company to find out more about it. I wasn't able to find much of anything, and I am unsure if the Paine Furniture Manufactory was the Victorian predecessor to the Paine Furniture Company, which is/was also of Maine.

Does anyone know anything about the Paine Furniture Manufactory and if their Victorian pieces are worth more than the average Victorian dresser? I don't mind if it's not, but I would like to know if I overpaid. I think I might have! ;)

Thanks in advance!

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Most...the great majority of the time....with antique furniture, unless it's something like Stickley the manufacturer of the piece has no bearing on it's value.

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