Need planning help for BR#3 Tub deck and linen tower?

raehelenJanuary 8, 2014

Hoping to have Master Bath completed within the next few days! Whooee! Can actually start serious planning for the last BR reno. Background: Empty nesters, we have been gradually gutting and completely renovating 40+ yr old home from top to bottom. Basically DIY, DH is able to do all electrical, plumbing, and now tiling! We have had our vanities custom made, and will likely do that again in this BR.

So, we are working with a 10ft X 6.5ft rectangle. It will be completely gutted, new window has already been put in, and new door will go in same spot, same dimension, ie 28" wide. I am placing new air jet tub across the back wall, in a 78in by 43in space, tub itself is 66 X 33, so I need help deciding where to position it, ie how to divide the extra 10in of width and 12in of length. Where to place faucets and handshower?

Toilet will be beside tub at one end, and 15" deep linen tower at the other end. I am thinking I will have head rest of tub beside toilet, but DH has just informed me having faucet and drain close to outside wall makes access to plumbing more am thinking will have 10" of extra deck under window, and with drain 8" from outside edge of tub, that makes 18" away from outside wall. He can live with that, but would prefer faucets to be on far side wall. This means I have to rethink having faucets nice and close to reach. Guess I can sit on edge of tub and turn on faucets? Anyone here have faucets 35+" away from outside edge?

Next question is regarding linen tower. Am thinking will keep it ~15" deep and 21" wide to improve access to tub. Need this storage for household towels, lots of towels in this house! Thoughts?

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Hi Raehelen,
Glad to hear you're making so much progress. Maybe you can put the faucets in a corner of the deck at an angle. Would you mind having the headrest under the window? And then you could maybe have some shelving at the toilet end of the tub. Below are some pictures of offset faucts from

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Lotteryticket! Oh great! Shelves! Now, something else to consider! LOL

My original vision was to have the faucets off-set, as I thought that would be the most convenient way to access them and still leave room to climb into tub. (I still don't get how people climb in when faucets are in center on the near side?) Just not sure if I could reach them (ie if there's enough room beside toilet), but maybe that's no different than sitting on edge of tub and reaching over if they were centered on wall? I would still sit on edge of tub and reach to the end?)

Have only ever had plain ol' enameled steel tubs in a 60 X 30 alcove with tub spout coming out of wall with ugly C for cold, and H for hot knobs!

Thanks for the pics! How do you nab them off of Houzz? ie I can save them in my Ideabook, but how do I save the pics in my own files?

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I think they have to be positioned so you can reach them from outside the tub and not leaning across the tub.

Unless there is a great view out the window I am not sure I would prefer my relaxing head position to be next to the rim of the toilet anyway.

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If you right click your mouse on any of the pictures a window opens up with code. You can copy and paste the code into a GW message and the picture shows up. I think you can save pictures directly to your computer but I have never done that, just put them in my ideabook.

Our MBR is set up a little bit like yours and I considered putting the faucets on the far side but didn't want to reach over to turn it on. Our plumbing is going to come up through the floor (not the exterior wall) and the faucets will be under the window. The vanity is next to it and we are going to have the front panel of the tub deck attached so it can be easily removed if we need access to the plumbing.

I agree with ineffable, I'm not sure I'd want to have the head end next to the toilet either. Any chance you can move the door somewhere else along the wall? Could you switch that with the location of the toilet?

Just a thought.

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Toilet has been beside tub (although everything will be shifted 90degrees this time) for over 40 years! We've lived here for 18, never gave a second thought to toilet being beside tub until I started planning this BR! LOL My shower in guest bath is right next to tub, and in most pics I've seen on Houzz, shower is next to toilet, so I don't think it would really be an issue for me, might just ensure that outside of toilet is always sparkling clean? LOL I was thinking sitting under window in winter may be more of an issue, though we do live in Canada's 'Banana Belt'!

Once I get the faucet/head placement question answered, think it should be clear sailing? Would love to see/hear what other GW' s have done in their BR's! We need a finished BR Blog, Houzz is almost too overwhelming, and I'm getting to know some of those BR's by heart! LOL

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I don't mind the toilet next to the shower or tub--they generally are , but I think I would prefer the Faucet end of the tub where my feet are to be next to the toilet, not lying with my head next to the toilet if I am going to take long baths lying in the tub, if I had the ability to have it some other way.

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I didn't read all the post but here is what I did with our 6.5' wide space, using a plain 5' tub. I know you've seen these before, but I just love posting pictures!

before cabinet:

after cabinet:

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OK. Have mocked up accessing taps if they were located beside toilet... the box my washlet is still sitting in has come very handy! Seems like I will have room to manoeuvre beside toilet to turn water on...that was my biggest worry. DH is happy, and now can even think about Lottery Ticket's suggestion of shelves. My mind is already whirling with the possibilities!

AND, I am so pleased with myself...while drawing up the rough blueprint, rethought the model of Bain Ultra tub, so gained a few precious inches of width while keeping the inside well dimensions of tub the same, saved money while doing so, as this model is over $1k cheaper, phoned around for quotes and got my local dealer to drop their price by another $800 with just a phone estimate, that was worth spending two days planning and phoning!

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Thanks Enduring! I love seeing photos! You have more room between toilet and tub than I do, must have been quite tight getting into plumbing...I assume the pullout drawers weren't installed yet?

After 'just a little resistance', I am now getting excited about having head rest under window...will just have to hang something pretty on the wall/shelves to make up for the lost view of my cherry tree. (Will probably be dark anyways, so no big loss!)

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Oh the things you could hang on that wall! Pictures of vacation and family, your dream destination (think Hawaii), anything you find inspiring. And if you hang pictures you can change them out any time you want. could put in a small fireplace. An IPOD/Phone station for listening to music. A small flat screen tv if that's your kind of thing.
Sorry, couldn't help myself.

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You could also put a mirror across from the window to reflect the view.

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Tub picked, now on to faucets! Yikes, sticker shock...all the money I saved on the tub, (can't believe I'm spending ~2.5K and thinking I'm saving money!), I'm going to have to spend to buy roman tub filler and sink faucet?

What flow rate should I be looking for? Tub capacity is 50 US gal, so far faucets have been either 9gpm or 18gpm? It would seem 18gpm is more desirable, DH seems to think I can't get a waterfall type if I want water coming out full force, guess the plumbing supply places might know this answer...any of you experts out here care to weigh in? This is brand new territory for me!

Is there any reason NOT to get a single hole roman tub filler? Then I would just have one thing to reach for and of course a hand shower, though not clear yet on how I get the water turned on to the hand shower? are NOT helping! LOL If you only knew how badly I would like a fireplace! We gutted our LR, oh 7 years ago, and have a gaping hole where the old FP used to also beginning to plan finishing off that space! The music idea also appeals to me though I wonder if I could hear it over the air jets, they are supposedly noisy...I have also wondered how stereos in hot tubs work...?

ineffable... a mirror would be nice and could reflect more light into the room too, and I'm sure the neighbours would love to see more of me...JK...LOL
7 years ago

Last Christmas temp mantle until this whole wall is is completed with built-ins, this year, BR vanity is sitting there...sigh...

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Glad you're almost finished with your master bath! I did a partial guest bath remodel last spring and think we were looking for vanities at the same time. There's one thing we haven't installed yet--the TP holder. It should go on the side of the 21" deep vanity, but it feels like we'll need to twist and reach back awkwardly to get the TP. I see your short wall is 21" long and your toilet looks like the center is about 15" from the wall, the same as ours. I read that the TP holder should be 36" from the back of the wall! So it's been since May and the TP is still sitting on the counter.

I would try to put the toilet on the back wall so the TP holder can go on the left wall. Linen closet goes where the toilet is? I don't know much about BR design! I just know TP is an important part of the bathroom!

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Thanks Mayflowers! Yes, I remember your quandry with your linen tower! I have to chuckle when someone posts, "we've been doing this bathroom reno for a long time, 4 weeks"...LOL

My pony wall is actually 24", and I measured the TP holder in the BR presently, and it is situated between 23.5" and 29.5" from the back wall. I'm too lazy to go downstairs and measure where that one is. Still haven't installed it in the Master yet, but it has to go where DH has placed wood blocking as it is on a pocket door wall, but I agree, ideally should be more forward. The only other place the toilet could go would be directly across from the door (and then holder would be on right wall as you were sitting, left wall as you entered the room. I would have to give up counter space, and don't really want to walk in facing the toilet. This will basically be a guest bath, so not like I have to worry about bending behind...LOL But I guess I could extend the pony wall 3-4"? That would shorten the space between the vanity and the end of the wall to ~ 30". There is a wall there now (further down) that backs the present tub. It is 32" long. I've lived with that for over 18 years, so do you think it would be better to have the TP slightly more forward, ie extend pony wall to 27-28"? Toilet is 29" anyways....

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We didn't change our layout but we added an inch to the vanity. That inch made the TP feel too close. We also used a taller vanity, so maybe that contributes to the close feeling. I just tried holding the TP slightly in front of the vanity and I didn't feel like I was twisting as awkwardly. I also only have 33" for the toilet, so I can't turn much without feeling my elbow close to the cabinet. I worry it will hit the TP holder.

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Raehelen, getting back to you on your comment about my cabinet.

Lets see, I think the plumber had the copper stubbed in first. My magnificent carpenter talked to him about what kind of clearance he needed to run the pipes and install the faucet (BTW with H & C labels, but they are beautiful labels). The carpenter built the cabinet. He is magnificent because he can do miracles with wood. The plumber got his pipes in and installed the faucet. Plumber could work from above too because I didn't have the counter in yet. The pullouts were removed to make room for work.

It is a little hard to tell but there is a 0.75" space between the pullout tracks and the copper pipes:

Regarding the TP placement. It is better to be out as much as you can get. Old shoulders find it harder to reach behind. Mine do anyway.

Here is my new space and the holder will go somewhere below the switches as much to the right as visually possible with the door frame. I have a bunch of blocking to cover all my bases. The measurement from the corner to the trim, but not including the trim, is 36". The toilet is an elongated toilet at 29" depth.

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I can see a few advantages of putting the toilet between the tub and vanity. The toilet would be near the window. You would probably need to use a 42" vanity, which isn't shabby, but you'd gain a roomier area around the toilet. What I and you have isn't adequate. You'd need to attach the TP holder to the vanity, but if you made the vanity deeper (extra counter and drawer space too!), along with the extra roominess around the toilet, the TP should be accessible. I notice in my waist when I do that awkward turn. Yes, you'd see the toilet easier, but look at that sculptural beauty Enduring has!

You could do away with the pony wall and put a wider linen tower there or even a make-up vanity, which would come in handy for guests more than a linen tower I think. That could compensate for losing some of the vanity, though you'd still have drawers for extra towels.

Not sure how moving the toilet plays into the tub faucet decision as I haven't read that carefully. Out of my realm of experience!

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Thank you Enduring and Mayflowers for your thoughtful responses. I have tweaked the blueprint a little. I can't move the toilet, as DH wants the plumbing more accessible on an inside wall, AND even though the toilet will be primarily for guests, we have another 'guest bathroom' downstairs for visitors with make-up, etc. I should have specified that I need this BR for storage, that is one of the priorities, AND #1 priority is to give me my luxurious air jet tub that I have been waiting close to 20 years for!

I've moved pony wall over and will make it tall enough to place switches on it, instead of beside door, I could make it skinnier, but thought 6" gives me a little room to stash TP, still haven't figured out/designed that yet... I took a couple of inches away from tub deck, also have not figured out/designed that wondering if 2" on near side and 6" on far side is OK?

Made pony wall 27", think that will cut down on twisting. I remember teaching a dancerize class (does that date me?), and in my youthful ignorance wondering at the comment I got from one of my ladies, "I can now reach the toilet paper easier!" LOL

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Just a thought, can you install your pullout in the pony wall and have a TP holder mounted or recessed into the front panel? You get your pullout and have the TP even further in front of you. Though, the TP would be facing into the room instead of the toilet. Would that be awkward?

See beaglesdoitbetter's pullout is her last picture of her set, which is 2/3 of the way down the thread. She has her TP holder on the wall though, and not the front panel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Any clever bathroom storage ideas?

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