version 1.0 of our appliance list-- please review!

lori_inthenw_gwJanuary 10, 2013

(This is for a new construction retirement house for 2 people who like to cook, but are trying to downsize)

Cooktop: Bosch 500 induction, 36"
We're moving to an island, so won't have natural gas and don't want to mess with propane. I've looked at the user manual and reviews for several models and this seems like our best option, though I'm sure there are others that would be fine. I'm OK with buying some new pans (lucky deal for the offspring who gets some nice hand-me-downs) and learning some new tricks. It would be nice if some of the sales people in the showrooms really knew their induction models, but we haven't found that person yet (we are in the Pacific NW if you have recommendations).

Oven: Electrolux non-icon Wave-Touch (single, not double)
I've read enough about ovens to last me a long time! This one gets great reviews. I'm sure we'd also be fine with the Bosch, esp. if we decided to place the oven under the cooktop, but at the moment, I'm thinking they'd be separate. It would be installed under the counter, though, not on a wall. Don't really need 2 ovens, have lived with one for all these decades. It's mostly for baking and for roasting veggies-- the vast majority of our meat cooking happens outside on the grill. I never use the self-clean feature on the oven I have now, if that matters.

Fridge: needs to be counter depth, french door, bottom freezer, no ice/water in door. Based on online research and a couple of trips to a local showroom, seems like it's narrowed down to KitchenAid or Electrolux. We had a small preference for the Electrolux, liked the lighting and thought the interior drawers etc. had a more solid feel, but we may be able to get a "friend deal" on appliances in the KA family, so will look at the specific models and the budget again later as we are closer to buying. No desire for anything in the door, we don't even really care about the water/ice, but I guess we'll plumb it in for the next people.

Dishwasher: if I had to choose today, it would either be KA or Bosch. I don't see paying the premium for Miele, I don't want to sort individual pieces of silverware into their own rack, and I don't need a softener built in to the DW since we'll have a whole-house system. I'm not as fussy as a lot of people about their dishwashers, I guess. I want it to be quiet and get the dishes clean, but I won't freak out if it doesn't dry the plastic. I don't tend to use it for pots/pans, partly because I've never had one that consistently did a good job on them, partly because they fill up the space too fast! This will be an open floor plan, so I guess I should be concerned about the quiet, but I often set ours to start a few hours after we are out of there anyway.

Microwave: we need one, but it's not a very important feature to us. We just don't use it much, and I don't see that changing, so the plan is to get a countertop model and install it at the bottom of an upper cabinet.

Vent hood: Currently my weakest link, in terms of knowledge. I've read a zillion threads here on the subject. I understand more than I did when I started reading, but probably not as much as I need to! This will be a 21st century house, unlike my currently leaky residence, so I've read a bit about makeup air. So much of what I've read seems to be for the semi-pro high-BTU gas stoves, though, that I'm having trouble figuring out what I need. Can I get by with 400 cfm and no makeup air? (We'll have an electric boiler for the heated floors and electric hot water heat, so no issues with pulling combustion gases in, but that air still has to come from somewhere. We have an energy recovery ventilation system in the adjacent mechanical room for the boiler, but it's my understanding that is a totally different animal, and the flow rates are quite different. Will 400 cfm suck ashes out of my woodstove or make my hair stand on end? Will it be enough to vent the steam, etc? We don't really fry much at all, other than occasional wok use, but it is nice not to have your whole house smell like a restaurant... Vent will be on an exterior wall, can exit straight up via attic. Either a chimney style or the "regular" kind with a cabinet above it. Either 36" or 42" (Yes, I've read the advice regarding overhangs on each side.) We live in a pretty temperate climate and will have a covered patio space directly outside, so most of our major meat-cooking events will happen out there anyway.

(Oh yeah, hoping to do all this for roughly 8000.00, but we'll spend what we need to. We don't need wine fridges, dishwasher drawers, warming drawers, etc. Trying to simplify our lives!)

Thoughts? I've tried to do my homework here and elsewhere, but I'm sure there are things I'm missing. Thanks in advance to those of you who contribute so much here. I'll get a floor plan up on the kitchen forum one of these days.

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Looks good to me, alto I do have a Miele DW and really like it. I had a Kitchenaid before and liked that one too, alto one thing I always hated was fishing silverware out of that freaking cutlery basket.

When we saw that cutlery rack on the Miele,
(about 7 years ago now), that was a "must have" for us and we still love it. I don't know where folks get the misconception that you have to align everything up on that rack , "just right". I've been tossing my silverware up there for 7 years now, and they are always clean and no problems so I just don't "get it" when folks say "You have to sort things into their own rack". You don't!!!
Also there is far less chance grabbing "The business end" of a sharp knife with the cutlery tray,
(Been there done that) with the old cutlery basket.

KA Now has that rack too, had they had it back in 2006 I may very well have bought the KA instead as I never have and still don't like Miele prices or their "Marketing Techniques" (Price Fixing), but we do like the Miele DW, itself.

I also have an Elux Oven, Icon, 7 years now and completely trouble free, bakes great, is quiet, and the glide out racks, the large display and control area, as well as the huge oven window come in very handy for an under counter installation.

Good luck with your shopping!


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Thanks, Gary-- I guess I had only seen pix from the manufacturer of the third DW rack with the utensils all laid in there carefully. I'm a tosser, that's for sure, but it had not occurred to me I could do it that way! I'll be more open-minded on the cutlery rack from now on!

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Looks good! Just tonight I started researching the Bosch induction cooktop, but wasn't sure what oven I would put underneath. I've been thinking about the electrolux (any reason you didn't go with the icon?) for under the cooktop, and then maybe the wolf steam oven in the wall. But then I wonder if that is way too much brand mixing? (sorry to hijack, just a stream of consciousness) :)

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I started with nearly the same list, only I was consiering the Electolux ICON oven.

However, when I went to order the Bosch diswashers I found out that there is a sale right now that was too attractive to pass up, so now I'm getting the Bosch oven in addition to the Bosch induction cooktop and dishwashers. (I posted this in another thread as well.)

AJ Madison - all these specials/cash back offers can be combined
- 10% off dishwashers and the induction Stovetop
- 5% off for buying more than one Bosch appliance
- $75 installation credit (cash back) for the dishwasher
- $300 Cash back for the induction Stovetop
- 15% cash back for buying three or more 800 series appliances, or off for buying three or more 500 series appliances
- Additional 10% cash back for buying 4 appliances.

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We have the Thermador 36" induction cooktop, and the non-Icon wave-touch Elux single wall oven, similar to your list. I like this combination very much. I do a lot of high-heat cooking. I sear and stir-fry regularly, I also can and pressure cook. The cooktop handles all of these easily. It also simmers and poaches at steady low heat. I use the timer a lot. The hob layout makes sense to me, and the control panel is very intuitive and user friendly. I get no buzzing or clicking or other strange noises, and I have basic cookware - some stainless, some bare cast iron, some enamelled cast iron, nothing special.

I bought the oven mainly because of the good feedback it gets on this forum. In 8 months I've baked, roasted, broiled and dehydrated, and the oven does everything beautifully. I've used the temperature probe and timed bake, but no other program modes.

We put a Panasonic convection MW in the cabinet above the oven, where the previous double unit had a MW. I have another countertop MW which I'm going to use until it dies, so the Panasonic hasn't gotten a lot of use. I do like the combination cooking option which makes it like a poor woman's speed oven.

The DW is what the house came with, I think it's a Frigidaire. It does a decent job, but honestly I don't notice it much which must mean it's OK.

We have our cooktop against a wall, with a Kobe 36" CH-122 SQB vent overhead. The maximum vent rate is 720cfm but I almost never have to use it this high. It's quiet and efficient which is all I want.


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Thanks for the input, Cheryl, Laura, and Kitten. I have actually forgotten the difference between the icon and non-icon models. I only remember that last time I looked into it, I concluded that there was a price difference, but that the functional difference was not something that was important to me. I just forget what it was!

I had noticed the discounts based on buying 3 Bosch appliances. I wasn't sure if that was time-critical or something that runs pretty often. If I'm getting 2, that could jump me to 3 in the case of a tie. I do a lot of research at AJ Madison, but I wonder if I'll really be able to buy from them when the time comes. (Does "free delivery" really mean free when you want it sent to an island? Only 90 miles from the city as the crow flies, but the crow doesn't haul appliances, the ferry does!)

Anyway, we only have a foundation now, so this isn't a rush, I just want to move ahead with other decisions. We have a freestanding garage we can store things in for a while, but I don't want to get them too early, either.

I'm still wondering about the vent hood, but maybe I'll bring that up with the HVAC guy who designs our hydronic heating. Going from a leaky old house to a much tighter new house requires some different thinking. But no more breeze down the back of my neck while sitting by a window!

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We are actually in the same position, by which I mean that we don't need our appliances now, not that we live on an island! Our house won't be ready until Sept!

Bosch seems to run this sale every Jan, and sometimes in Aug, but not always. Also a couple of the additional rebates are from AJ Madison. Compared to the full price with our local sales tax we are saving 50%!

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Laura-- wow , 50%! That's great. Are you ordering now and storing them until then? I have thought about that, but wasn't sure what happens if there's a problem after installation that wasn't apparent by looking at the boxes on arrival. Also doesn't your warranty clock start ticking?

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Yup, at that price it is hard to rest! We will store them in our garage till Aug, and ee will open up the boxes and check everything foe cosmetic damage, We may even use the dishwasher for awhile!

As foe the warranty, I thought about buying the extended on because of the delayed installation, but our AMEX covers an extra year so we are good on that front!

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Laura, not sure if you'll see this, but I was just checking this thread and thought I'd take a chance and see. Are you in your house? How did the appliance thing work out with the long storage time? Are you happy with what you got?

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