Platter ID please

jesse_2008May 11, 2010

I have this person thats asking about this platter. All I can tell her is that I bought it at a yard sale. She really likes it ALOT. She is a family friend, and her birthday is coming up. This would be a perfect gift and then some info. to go along with it, would put the icing on the cake. Thank You. It has a couple of marks that look like a thumb print,not sure if you can see them. The platter looks porcelain.

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Can't see the mark....could it be a pie plate?
Don't know the pattern...looks porcelain to me too...a.nd not old....but again I =can't see the mark.
Linda C

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Not light blue Milkglass is it? Fenton comes to mind. They would make things occasionally that are one of a kind type instead of their usual sets or many pieces of a color or style, Hobnail, Ming, Velvatone,Snowcrest, Coindot, etc. Could that be where a sticker was on the back of platter in those 2 places. They often used a sticker on their pieces.

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Thanks to all who have helped! The markings on the back are not very visible, What I have been able to see are two marks that are a round like circle with 7 verticle lines, these lines are very faint at first I thought the mark was "minton" but that was a no go. I'll keep searching with the info you all have given. Thanks to all

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