Is your Miele dishwasher spacious enough?

Madeline616January 2, 2012


I went to check out the Miele dishwasher w/third rack for cutlery, and was surprised to find that it was a couple of inches shallower and more narrow than the KA and Bosch in the store.

I only had a few minutes in the showroom, so I'm not even sure which model it was. So, I'm not sure if they all have racks that are a couple inches smaller all around.

Do those of you who have a Miele find it to be roomy enough? How is the space compared with your previous/other dishwasher?

The Miele was clearly the most solidly built, and based on the great reviews, i'd love to have one. But I load my DW to the max, and a few inches all around may make a difference.


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All Mieles have the same interior and exterior dimensions.

They are the same inside width of the Boschs give or take a fraction of an inch and the depth is pretty much the same too. Bosch is a tiny bit deeper.

They are both smaller than a KA, but often hold more dishes because of better/more efficient rack design. Even though they are smaller , you are not going to fit an extra pot or pan or even a row of glasses in the "lost" inch or two.

I think it's a non issue out in the real world. On the internet spec sheet, chat rooms, bligidy blogs, around the water cooler and sales floor - it makes a difference because everyone in America knows bigger is always better.

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We've had our (first) Miele (Futura Crystal with whole house water softener) since the summer - love it. We can fit a LOT more into it than into our previous dw (an old, basic Whirlpool) and our dishes are clean, clean, clean.

Over the holidays I helped load a KitchenAid dw. I didn't notice that the interior was larger, but I did notice that the racking and spacing of the tines meant that it couldn't hold as much as our Miele.

I've heard of people taking some of their dishes to try out in a dw to see how they fit. Didn't do this myself, but it might be worth considering.

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I am linking a video originally posted by a Gardenwebber named Whirlpool_trainee. It compares loading capacity of Miele, Bosch and Kitchenaid DWs. The latter 2 brands are not named on the video, but Whirlpool_trainee did name them in a post on this forum. The video really is a great illustration of capacity of the 3 brands.

Here is a link that might be useful: Video Comparing Capacities of Miele, Bosch and KA DW's

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I just saw that video and I had to laugh at how obviously biased it was. I've owned a KA and currently a Bosch and neither are as bad as depicted in the video. That's not to say either one is better than the Miele. Just a caution to take it with a grain of salt.

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Thanks, these responses are very helpful, especially since Miele is the brand I really want ;-).

I know I should start a separate thread, but here goes:

The closest authorized Miele dealer is over an hour away. Haven't contacted them about installation yet. If they can't provide an authorized installer, can any good plumber do it?

Bottom line on drying versus a DW with heated dry? I've read everything out there on Miele vs KA (with heated dry) and still acn't get to the bottom line. Opinions on which is superior? I would be buying the Dimension Plus (I think that's the one with the door that pops open to circulate the air.)

I'll be going from a Kenmore Elite with food grinder to the Miele. Never even knew I had a food grinder. Should I have any reservations?


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Never owned a Miele so far - but I buying the Futura Dimension Plus also!!!

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As to space, I fit more in my Miele than I did in my old Maytag dishwasher. The racks are just designed more efficiently. I did take my dishes into the store and tried them out in the dishwashers. If I was spending that kind of money I wanted to be sure that everything fit the way I wanted it to! :-) I eliminated the Bosch immediately, and I liked the third shelf on the Miele better than on the KA. This was MY opinion based on the way I load MY dishes, though--your opinion might be different. Love my Miele. Everything gets clean every time, it's just light years better than the old Maytag I had.

As to drying--I don't miss a heated dry, and I also don't miss the grinder or the noise that it made. My dishes are dry when I unload them, except for some plastics and the bottoms of coffee cups that have dips in them. I just take a towel and swipe across the bottoms before unloading. As to plastics--if it's sat awhile, ie, a few hours or overnight, then they're mostly dry. The indentations in Tupperware tops and the like can have some water in them. I have decided that it doesn't bother me. If I unload immediately after the load is done, then the plastics are more likely to be a bit damp, though the dishes and all glassware are quite dry.

Hope that helps,

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I bought the Dimension Plus in November. I do not regret it whatsoever.

I was worried, too, but drying is fine.

My previous dishwasher was a GE with disposer and heated dry. I would say this dishwasher fits more, but it depends. The top shelf can fit A LOT of dishware. However, if you do a lot of spoons, graters, and other utensils like I do you may find the top shelf is not enough.

On the other hand, you can fit a LOT of plates and bowls in the dishwasher.

To answer the question:

I can't say whether it is more or less spacious, but I can say that is is definitely "spacious enough."

Any plumber can install a Miele dishwasher. There is nothing special about the install.

The Miele is much quieter, dries better, cleans better, and is easier to load and unload. The downside is that you do have to clean the filter. The machine warns you to clean the filter every 40 loads, but the reality is that I clean mine much more often. It's not as big of a deal as I thought it might be, though. I just rinse it in the sink every week or so.

I would buy my Miele dishwasher again. I have done about 100 loads so far and I am VERY pleased. I wash Riedel crystal just about every night in mine and it comes out looking WONDERFUL. Even the worst pots and pans come out clean after no more than two cycles. No spots. No pre-rinsing. I cannot tell you how happy I have been so far. I stressed about paying 2x as much as my next choice, but I do not regret it.

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I collect dishes and have done 39 dinner plates in a single load. It stacks tightly and holds a ton. The only folks who don't find it useful are those with the super thick pottery style dishes.

Don't be deceived by that top rack. Load the silverware correctly and there's space left over for everything that has nowhere to go in other machines. I do small ramekins, the sink strainer basket, vacu-tainer corks, measuring spoons etc up there, also microplanes etc. Anything that doesn't interfere with the top sprayer arm.

Non heated drying is easier on the dishware in the long run IMO.

Not familiar with the pop-open door but I've had two of these in the past 10 years and wouldn't go with any other brand. My model dries well though I blot the plastics -- some newer machines address the plastics.

The strainer takes about 30 seconds to remove, rinse and replace. It traps any food particles that might remain on dishes after they are scraped.

Plumbers installed both of mine. I went with cold water hook up as I use the china/crystal cycle a lot. The 8 y.o. is out of waranty but she's never needed a service call. I'd love one of the new ones with interior lighting but expect this machine will still be humming when I'm in a rocker.

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That video was once posted by me but it isn't mine.

It's nice to watch but also a bit old. Both Bosch and KitchenAid now have cutlery drawers, for example. The filter is really easy to clean - it's basically only one piece and doesn't need cleaning often. Some do it only every couple of months.

Here's an actual video I made.


Here is a link that might be useful: Miele filter cleaning

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"can't provide an authorized installer, can any good plumber do it? "

Sure - it's easier than it used to be.

You will probably need an electrician unless your current DW has a plug on the end of it. Miele's don't hardwire like 99.9% of all other DWs. You'll need an outlet installed - preferably under the sink to plug it into.

"Opinions on which is superior?"

Mine is that non heated dry is best. It allows for more placement flexibility of your dishes. BUT,

get ten people and 5 will say heated dry is better. If your collection of dishes and plates are heavily ribbed or faceted plastic - then heated is the way to go - but you'll only be able to use the top rack !!!.

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Thanks for taking the time to post these great responses, and for the videos.

PK66, excited for you!!

I just emailed the Miele rep in New Orleans with some questions about the Diamond vs. Dimension Plus. That bright light is very enticing :)

I can't find any reference on the Miele site to the auto-open function, which is a must for me. The only references I can find are on Gardenweb. It seems that the Dimension Plus and Diamond both have it.

Just wanted to confirm, if anyone knows, and see if anyone has an opinion on Dimension Plus vs. Diamond.

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Per installation, any one can do it. But if a Miele authorized dealer does it, they extent the warranty (double it?)

I would have no reservations vis a vis a grinder or filter. The filter is a once or twice a year thing and is simple. I usually have to go into my KA once a year or so to take junk out of the grinder and that is NOT a simple task.

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Madeline-you mentioned that you are over an hour from an authorized dealer. So was I when I put a Miele in my new home 6 yrs ago. You might want to consider the cost of repair and service call from that far away when your machine is out of warranty. You think it won't happen, but it does unfortunately. Loved my Miele, but not the repair cost. Just a heads up.

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"I can't find any reference on the Miele site to the auto-open function, which is a must for me."

Go into the user manual for the model that interests you. Info will be there. Best to read that in advance before buying in any event. I've found it really helpful in making decisions.

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Replaced a Kenmore Elite with a Miele Diamante. It is so much better -- having the top rack frees up space below so it seems like there is actually more rather than less space compared to the old Kenmore. The drying is fine and it cleans much better than the old one. And quieter -- you will be amazed.

My DH installed it himself with no difficulty. Cold water install.

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Thanks!!! All great info.

Red, will see about what the store an hour away will charge for service calls.

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I replaced a 10 yr old KA with a Miele Optima. It took me a few weeks to get used to loading it as it is very different. At first I thought it wasn't as flexible as my KA but it holds a lot. As long as you don't have the thick pottery type dishes.

I will agree that some kitchen utensils are hard to find spots for but I always manage to figure something out.

I love the cutlery tray. Each piece comes out perfectly clean and so spotless.

The one thing I noted is that all my dishes look almost polished now. So shiny and spotless.

I wouldn't own any other brand now.

I did have a Miele installer do mine (I'm in Canada) and he did have to install the outlet as well (since my KA was hard wired).

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We went from a larger LG dishwasher to a Miele Optima about a year ago. At first I wasn't sold on the Miele's capacity (might have posted my reservations here...) but I have to say now we like it alot. The Miele may be smaller in size, but the racking is super-efficient in its use of space. And as others have attested, it does an awesome job of cleaning and drying.

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We replaced a 6 year old KA because it refused to clean properly, with an Optima.

In addition to the cutlery tray on top, there are 2 side flipdown shelves on the middle rack, where you can place large serving spoons and the like.

I'm also in Canada (wet coast) and our service guy is over an hour away; his charge is $75/hour + traveling (I did the last repair myself, the intake hose).
We rarely have to clean the filter, and it's easy to do.
This dw is very quiet; the more full it is, the quieter it seems to be. We share the kitchen with the family room and often we have to walk around to see if it's done the cycle because we can't hear it.

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I've got the Miele 18 inch washer, and it fits a TON of stuff. I can even fit in all the dishes from a dinner party of 6 or eight, although I generally do a separate cycle for wine glasses (if it's been a really successful party . . . ahem).

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Just wanted to say thanks. I'm definitely convinced!

Still deciding b/t Dimension Plus and Diamond. The 5-year warranty is enticing. And I admit I'm being sucked in by those interior lights... ;-)

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Come to the lights Madeline, come to the lights! ;-)
I have the diamond and love those lights, it's like a fridge, I now wonder how I ever used a dishwasher without them :-)
I know it's a big price jump from the dimension plus for a few more features and some lights, but I figured since I'm spending all that money and it should last a long time, why not go all the way?
No regrets (I only cried once :-) and I do love those lights....

Also not sure how it works in LA but in California it doesn't matter from what dealer you place your order, Miele comes to your house for the install, not some third party.

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Yes, the lights look nice (not mine):

Here is a link that might be useful: Picture

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Dimension Plus does have the auto open feature. It says so in the manual, it says so in Miele's comparison chart given to dealers, and I know this because I own one. It is why I went with the Dimension Plus over the Dimension. Only the Dimension Plus and Diamond have it.

I didn't really think the Diamond was worth something like $700 more. That's almost halfway to a new Miele dishwasher.

Commenting on space again:

I was sitting my sister-in-law's house recently. She had some generic American dishwasher (Hot Point, Amana, or similar). Not only did it sound like a jet engine (my old GE was NEVER so loud) but it did not hold the dishes my Miele does. Having the third rack up top helps a lot. Not only can one place a lot of other items up there besides utensils (I do things like spoon rests) but it frees up a lot of space on the bottom rack. I realize other manufacturers other than Miele make dishwashers with a third rack, but this feature helps a lot. After being used to the Miele for almost 4 months now a "regular" dishwasher seemed like a huge step back in many ways and capacity was one of them because there was one whole less rack to work with!

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