Can a charcoal guy convert to gas?

fairegoldApril 24, 2003

I've been reading some of these threads with great interest. DH is an old-fashioned sorta guy, he likes his martinis made with gin and olives and his grilling over charcoal. We live in a mild climate where we can cook out almost all year round.

Now, here's the deal.... I'd love to try a gas grill, and think it would be much easier in the long run, than the Weber. But DH says no way! And I won't even let him LOOK at the prices for the nice grills that I've seen.

So the question is: is there an entry level grill for under, oh, say $300, that would serve as training wheels? Any recommendations?

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Hang with the "gas grill guy"....and be thankful!
When....and master charcoal cookery....there is nothing better.
Tell your chamrming husband to come to my house if he wants to use a vintage Weber....I'll keep his glass filled while he'a cooking and make the salad.
Linda C

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He IS good at it, I will say! Anyone want the recipe for the Jack Daniels marinade? But I was simply thinking that a gas grill would make it easy to put on a couple of chicken breats or two skewers of shrimp, things like that.

He's already vintage and has a Weber and will go where ever the food it!

Thanks for asking!

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There are lots of decent gas grills out there for under $300.00. If you have Lowes or Home Depot check out some of the ones they have. Gas is faster and easier but you will not get the same flavour as you do with charcoal.
I have both and a smoker too. Gas get used alot because I'm cooking for myself most of the time. But you can't beat the taste of cooking over charcoal. Might have a hard time talking him into it...LOL
Would love to have the marinade recipe.
Good luck!!


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I'll check out some of the cheaper models. I don't want him to give up on charcoal, just give us the flexibility of the gas. I'll post the marinade recipe in another thread!

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Well, this is a emotional issue. I was weber kettle boy for many years (soaked wood ships, lit without lighter fluid, grilled when it was snowing), the whole deal. I went to gas 4 years ago. After the grill is "seasoned" the taste is pretty darn close.
I still fire up the kettle on occasion, but rarely.
You can get a decent Charbroil for under $200. Gice it some time to acumulate drippings and such. Only cleas the cooking grids and let the other "drippings" build up. Let me know how you do.

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