what to do with shower hole

first_timerDecember 3, 2007

Hi all,

We just installed the shower base in our basement bathroom. The plumber had us leave about 6 inches of space around the drain pipe when we poured new concrete to patch the slab, so he could wiggle the pipe to fit into the shower drain (which is done).

What can we fill this gap with so we don't get moisture coming up from under the house?

The plumber didn't want us to fill it with anything, especially not anything non-flexible like concrete.

What do you normally do with this gap? We still have access to this area but not for long (drywalling pretty soon).


First Timer

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Assuming you aren't in such a high-water table that the underside of the flooring is waterproofed, you can pack the area with gravel. Since water vapour is constantly coming through your floor anyway, it won't matter much that one small area has less permeance than another. However, I don't see the problem with using concrete; this is not an access point for anything.

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