Member's Mark BBQ performance in the wind ...

alekApril 26, 2002

I have looked through the various Member's Mark postings;

and haven't seen a lot of discussion about how well this

grill performs on windy days ... so I thought I would

start a new thread about it (I'll also cross-post to

the "main" Member's Mark thread too).

BBQ'ing here in Colorado the other day on a 60 degree

sunny day ... but winds gusting to maybe 30 MPH ... even

with all three burners on HIGH, they blew out on me a

couple of times ... and I finally had to finish the

grilling inside.

Wind direction was directly toward the front of the grill;

and I can't really move this (see URL/pictures below) ...

so am I at the wind limit of the grill and/or is there

anything folks have done to improve things?



P.S. Picture of grill (with EASY shelving idea) at:

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