brinkman 2400 problem

smitty5952April 11, 2008

I went to start it up for the first time this year and nothing. Just had tank filled. When you turn on the gas knob you can usually hear the gas coming out of the burners but nothing. When I try to light nothing. I took a tank from another grill and tried it on my grill with the same results. I then took my original tank and hooked it up to the other grill and it lit. So it's not the tank. Any ideas? Bad regulator?

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Yes, It's a good bet. I had the same problem with my Brinkman. I exchanged the regulator and hose and even bypassed the side burner to make sure. Before it would light but wouldn't heat up all the way. After I changed out the regulator it was back to it's old uneven heating, flare-up, hotspot, self. I trashed it this year and bought a Tec. so far I like it a lot more.

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