foraging for 'wild edibles'

alicemagooeyApril 21, 2004

i used to forage for wild foods.and prepare them over the campfire
I want to do more of it,beause a person can do quite well,apparently,with all the varieties of things readily the wild.

I used to love reading Euell Gibbons books (he was a wild foods foraging expert) and trying to find things,and prepare them to make them palatable.
..We used to do VERY well picking wild asparagus and also using lots of nettles as a cooked green..(using the water makes a really fine hair conditioning rinse also,believe it or not.)(leaves your hair really soft and manageable!)(it is just the picking of the thing which is the problem.!!)size="1"

my questions

it would be nice to have someone who is knowledgeable on the topic of "picking and preparing 'wild foods'".mushrooms also would be good to know about..but we certainly would need a 'pro' in that line.

  • has anyone in this forum any experience along these lines.?you would like to share.

  • i have put a suggestion in to begin a new forum topic in gardenweb specifically for wild edibles,but it could and perhaps should be addressed in a group like

  • .any input on that from any of you?
    I think this forum probably "picks up" a lot this time of year thru summer..i perhaps will refresh this post a few times..

hope for responses..of some sort..whether

  • personal experiences
  • references
  • ideas
  • other


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For mushrooms I would see if you could enlist an instructor in field Botany course from your local college. No better way to learn the ins and outs than from someone who really knows. Learn how to do spore prints and get some really great books, and then go with a guide and stick with the "easy" varieties.

A lot of wild edibles are catalogued in readily available field guides for the local area.

To me I think the most productive forums for useful responses would be the local gardening ones. For me I would go to because I live in Texas. But that's where you're going to find the locally knowledgeable folks.

My favorite wild harvests in central Texas are: wild onions (great with peas!), dewberries, and mustang grapes. Not very exotic but they make great jellies. The grapes will be ready in 2-3 more weeks.

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