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pamghattenMay 21, 2011

I'm gathering things around the house for a garage sale next month. I haven't had a garage sale in 25 years ... so I don't want to be putting out things that I should be keeping. As I go through my many drawers and cabinets, I've made a pile of things I don't know anything about ...

And I know there are a lot of very knowledgeable people here, so many you can help me identify some of these things ...

A cute little ashtray ...

I can't make out the back ...

My grandfather was a stamp collector and a photographer ... which were these used for?

How do I know if these are antique or reproductions?

Anyone know anything about these rhinestones?

The left one is really discolored ...

I think this is a beautiful piece ...

Earrings ..

Glass ashtray, my mother said it was made by someone famous but can't remember who ..

No mark on the back ...

I know I need to google this, I was a space nut as a kid, wanted to be an astronaut. Complete set of photos ...

This is pretty beat ... someone colored on it ...

I don't know what these are ... there are a couple of them .. not photos ... ??

I love this one, will probably frame it ...

This looks like a photo that has been mounted ...

Thanks for looking, any ideas on what any of this is would be helpful!


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At the beginning....Ash tray....cute but not important....can't read the stamp...looks like maybe portugal?
A few things for examining stamps....and a case for one...no idea of value..might be best to sell at a stamp bourse.

A couple of cameos that look like shell...but not set in gold...but maybe one is.

some nice costume stuff....always amazed b yw hat people will pay for this stuff...is there a maker's mark on any? the curved earrings look like Trafari to me...maybe! LOL!

Glass ash tray....doesn't look like La lique nor Tiffany nor Le Galle not Blenko, nor Chihuli...don't know who your mother meant...doesn't look special to me.
The space pictures ought to be worth something to someone....
I can't read what it says on the rest of the pictures....but they look like old engravings.....or perhaps lithographs. Find out mpre before you sell them for a buck.
And you know what the canal one is. The indian looks like part of a stereo scope card.
Good luck!
Linda C

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The cameos look like my grandmothers' cameos, and those must be 100 years old, making them antiques. One looks like it is gold. See if you can find markings on it. My paternal grandmother had a 10K gold frame on hers. The other could be silver. Both have a link on the top of the cameo so that it could be worn on a neck chain too.

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Thanks both of you ..

I did google the space photos quickly and didn't find this complete set. I'll have to do more research on eBay and see what I find.

I can't find any marks on the jewelry yet ... I'll look more under better light.

I had thought those pieces were for stamp collecting, they both have their cases.

Sounds like most of this I won't put out at the garage sale.

Anyone else have any ideas?


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Might there be a local antique mall that takes consignments without having to rent a whole booth? When I happen across 'stuff' that I think might be of a little value, I consult the owners of a local mall, and they suggest pricing on things I might be interested in selling there on consignment, and if other things are not collectible, or are more yard sale items. I was pleasantly surprised at the prices they put on a lot of 'stuff' I got in auction boxes and that a lot of the stuff sold...some soon, some later, and some is still there for sale.

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That's the advantge of consigning stuff....it can sit until the right buyer comes along.
Cameos are still being made in the old style out of shell, so the fact that they Look like your grandmother's has nothing to do with age. However old they are, they are hand carved and well done....would be nice if the settings were gold or silver....but probably not.

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Great idea ... there are a couple antique malls around. I'm in no hurry to sell these things, so consignment would be a great idea. Thanks, I wouldn't have thought of that.

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How about some more costume jewelry ...

Some pins I've collected over the years ..

The horse has Sterling on the back of it.

The goldtone one very top right is a Monet? The cattails to the left says "Tenn Silver, B9, E.F." on the back. The one with the orange stone seems very tarnished and I think it says "Made in Gr. Britain" on the back.

The straight bar one has S&S on the back? The goldish "s" says "KOP - Stockholm" on the back

The "earth" pin has something like @JJ on the back. Same with the Star stick pin.

The gold leopard has MMA 1985 on the back.
The little black, white and gold cat says "Shambala", somehting Beech? on the back.

The colored flowers are newer ... I forget the maker though.

I think the one older flower is ivory, how do I tell?

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I recommend putting the space stuff on eBay, to get a larger buying pool. Especially if you have the full set.

The folding magnifiers are used to look at stamps and negatives easily. Also other small objects.

Take you time with the jewelry and use those folding magnifiers to check for maker's marks. Some of the old costume jewelry is worth the hassle of eBay.

The cameos are genuine carved shell - look at the back and you can see the curve of the shell.

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The rhinestone piece with the green stone is a dress clip meant to be worn at the neck of a garment or attached to a lapel. It looks like it is missing at least one stone. The glass bowl looks like murano glass to me which can have value. The round silver brooch looks English and that could be a citrine or cairngorm which is how they spelled it I believe in Scotland. The long bar is a tie clip I believe.

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Thanks again, I do occasionally sell things on eBay ... so I will do that with some of this.

I wondered about the "clip" on the back of the rhinestone piece, since it has long sharp points.

I'll have to ask my Mom if murano sounds right on the ashtray.

Should I try to polish that round pin with the gold stone? I'm never sure when to try that.

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Dress clips almost always had those points since they were often meant to be put on heavier fabric and sometimes furs. If you want to sell the pin you don't need to polish it.

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pamghatten: Would love to see the backs of your costume pieces. Look very closely with a lupe or mag glass to see if there is a signature or id piece. The curved yellowed piece can possibly be easily repaired; if signed it could be worth it to some collectors. Are they earrings or clips?

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