Small Bathroom Help 6'6'' x 5'. Convert Bedroom to Bathroom?

jache723January 5, 2010

I have attached my floor plan. Hopefully it is readable. 1958 Rambler, I have 3 bedrooms on the main level along with the kitchen, living, dining area. Problem is, I am running into some serious trouble making a useful bathroom out of the space I have 5 x 6'6". I am almost wondering If I should convert a bedroom into a bathroom and turn the small full bath into a half bath.


In the basement I have a large 6ft tub so I wouldnt mind getting rid of the tub on the main level, but even then it seems the biggest shower I could get would be 32" which is pretty small for a 6'2 200lb guy.

So my options are covert the small bedroom in the middle front (With the small 3ft closet) to a master bathroom which would have a doorway to the main bedroom which is on the right front or remodel the bathroom where it is...somehow

I will attach a better readable blueprint in the morning.

I am looking for suggestions either way or pictures of similar sized bathroom set ups.

Thanks in advance

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To give some more information. In my basement I have 1 full size bathroom 6x10 and 2 bedrooms. Anotherwords I have a 5 bedroom house.

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Here is a better close up shot. My thought was to either keep the house 5bed/2bath and remodeling the tiny 5'x6'6'' bathroom or converting the small bedroom with the 3ft closet to a bathroom.

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A local realtor would be the best person to ask advice about the impact on resale value of your options. That said, assuming that 4 bedrooms is plenty sufficient for your neighborhood and basement bedrooms count as normal bedrooms in your area, I'd do the following:
1. Turn the lower left bedroom into a fabulous master bath. Close off the door to the hallway and add a door between the lower right bedroom.
2. Keep the existing bath a full bath. It'll cost you money to change it, and I'm not sure you gain anything (other than elbow room) by removing the tub. Plus if you have the new bath as your master, you'll need one to serve the remaining bedroom plus guests.
3. A possible layout for the new master bath (sorry, I don't have access to any drawing programs): door in the middle of the RH wall. Sinks on either side of the door, on the RH wall. Toilet, in a separate WC if you prefer, where the closet is now in the upper left corner. Tub in the middle of the left wall, shower in the lower left corner. You'd even have room for one of the sinks to be an L-shape and have a sit-down makeup area if you like.

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Good point, I should ask my realtor.
As for simply redoing the existing bath, this is the best I could come up with to make it roomier.

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Given that you don't have a proper master suite, and you have a five bedroom home, you will proably increase your value to go ahead and take that small bedroom and make a master bath that is truely a private master bath suite. I'd leave the old bath alone, as you need a poweder room for guests and if you take the only one on that floor for a master bath, you'll regret it and it will hurt resale.

But in your planning, I would significantly increase your closet size as well as do an efficient master bath.

Don't do the 32" shower...we had one, it inspired a very expensive remodel and we're much smaller than you :) You really will come to hate it beyond all imagination!

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Before you even consider such a small shower, got to a local place and stand inside one, wiggle elbows about, and see if you think it could work.... I think 34"is small... 34" corner, really small.

Certainly a trade off in losing a bedroom on the main floor but gaining a master. Is the basement walk-out? If not, I may be weary of loosing that bedroom.

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Jean Bo

I agree with igloo that you should try and keep a powder room and then add the 2nd master bath but I think the back corner room should be used for the MB. 1. It is in close proximity with the other bathroom which will be less costly / easier for plumbing. 2. I assume that is your front door next to this front room your talking about. That put a bathroom window at the front door. Not an ideal situation. I prefer rearranging these 3 rooms to make a large master with proper closets and a large master bath with a 2nd bedroom that might double as an guest room/office area being that it is off the kitchen and living room area that would work nicely. There was no mention of which walls were load bearing do you know which ones are load bearing? That would have to be factored in as well. All I can say is keep playing with it. I kicked my MB around in my head for 3 years before I finally made a move and then some plans had to be shelved due to vents and such.

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Thanks for the input. I was considering adding more closet space to the main bedroom as well. (2) 5' closets would seem like enough or one 5' and one 4'. The issue with making the front room a master suite is that it is at the front of the house, which is kind of odd as mentioned. Yes that is the front door. As far as load bearing walls go, only the exterior walls are load bearing, which may be somewhat surprising to some. Its your typical gabled rambler. The basement is not a walkout, but I do have nice height 7'6" and large egress windows in the 2 bedrooms downstairs.
I have attached a picture of the front of the house to give a better idea of where the bathroom would be located from the outside looking in.

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Jjazzy, I first thought of using that back room verses the smaller as well. You could do a lovely walk in closet between the master bath and bedroom and then do a hall inside the space that goes past the walk in and into the bathroom, but totally within the master suite. My only thought was that because I don't know this person, I don't know if they have company often. For myself, I'd want to keep my second guest room closer to the bathroom and further from the living area than where that little room is. I think you're right about cost because you can tie into the existing room of course, so I suppose the question is kind of a life style question that only the OP can answer (which room to kill). :) Me, I'd kill them both and make the small room a sittting room/office off the master suite...but then again I have bedrooms coming out my arse so I don't mind losing a few heh heh

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collins design

Something like this? (It's not really to scale, sorry... but you get the idea!)

It would help to know where the existing windows are, though. I see your house is brick. Is it structural brick or just brick-faced on regular stud wall? Our 1956 ranch house is structural masonry and I can tell you you DON'T want to mess with relocating windows and doors in exterior walls in a house like that! Major PITA.

This is really similar to what we have, although our space is a tiny bit bigger so we have small his-and-hers walk-ins on either side of the hall, and we also have a soaking tub in the bath.

If you wanted a fit a tub in there, too, you could certainly do so at the expense of closet space, but it sounded like you felt you didn't need another tub, so I think a nice big walk-in shower would be lovely!

You could also take the tub out of the existing bathroom, to make a roomier "powder room" but then it's very useful as a guest bath. If the room next to the MBR (next to the front door) is ever to be used for guests, leave the tub...

In this plan I'd use pocket doors for the walk-in closet and probably the bathroom as well.

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Ahh I see what you meant. That is a good idea, didnt think of going that way with it. I will play around with some ideas based off this and see what I come up with. Ill include the window locations in my next design.

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Hey, if you put the master bath in the upper right bedroom it not only gives you more privacy (on the back of the house) but it also gives you an option to make the existing bath larger. Since you no longer need a door from the hallway to that upper right bedroom, you could lose the linen closet that's below the toilet and move the door down a couple feet. voila, elbow room! Of course your toilet is in the wrong place to easily just put in a larger sink, so you'd need to move some plumbing, but it buys you a couple feet.

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Well here is what I came up with based off your idea stacyneil. Your design works great if I want a walk in closet. I designed it for a nice whirlpool tub. Either one works by me, its just a matter of what I would want really. I hate making these decisions. Either way I get more closet space. Weedy there is no linen closet in the existing bathroom, it is space for the chimney, good idea though!

The plumbing in either layout works great as long as the toilet stays on the wall that it is shown on (Needs to be within 10' of the main stack). I also included the locations of the windows.

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collins design

You are going to want more than 32" for the toilet. 36" is standard (and perhaps even code in some areas???? Not here in Maine but I heard people saying that on other forums...) We have 34" and it feels fine but I dont think I'd want to go much tighter.

You could solve that simply by flipping the closet and shower. So, have your shower -rotated 90 degrees and witha glass end wall- at the end of the tub (which is a nice setup you can see in many bathrooms, the tub deck can actually protrude under the shower glass wall and be a ledge or seat in the shower). Then the passageway moves to the left, and you can steal a bit of space from the other closet for the toilet.

Either that of have a shorter vanity. 48" isn't a size I'd fight for. It's too short for a double vanity, really (unless you're using one of the new two-faucet 'trough" styles) so why not go down to 42" and have a better toilet area?

For resale, though, you should consider a double vanity. Some people I guess expert truly huge ones, like at least 5+' long. But you CAN get smaller ones, Ikea has some great ones for tight spaces. But if you're not selling anytime soon, do what YOU like!! (But I still think you'll want more toilet space...)

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Did you mean something like this? I wonder if 3 feet is enough between the tub and the vanity. Also I dont know if a long 6' x 3'6" tub would be better or the corner tub. Also if I went with this configuration, Is there anyway I could keep the existing window between the tub and shower? I cant think of anything off the top of my head that would look good without redoing the window.

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collins design

That's actually not what I had in mind but your new plan brings something else to my attention.... I didn't realize there was another window on the righthand wall. Your house is brick, correct? Structural or cosmetic? Either way its going to be a PITA to change windows in it. Even making one smaller (to accomodate tub/shower layout) might be costly (I dont really know- that's my guess!) Is it something you're willing to do? If so you certainly have a lot more options. Let us know.

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Only the front is brick and even that is not structural. I just re-did my siding last summer, and I have plenty of siding left over from that to move a few windows if needed. Vinyl is pretty easy to work with, so it would be fairly easy to modify

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