Lava rocks

donai2April 22, 2002

I just purchased a Sunbeam Grillmaster with dual burners and a side burner.

I was wondering if I should use lava rocks and where to put them. There is no grate above the burners other than the cooking grid.

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How old is your grill?

To the best of my knowledge, the newer grills no longer can accomodate lava rocks or ceramic briquets. I had an older Sunbeam that did, and when it died, I looked around and couldn't find any grills except for some made by Great Outdoors that could accomodate lava rocks.

The new Sunbeams have a porcelain coated bar covering the burners that mimics the "flavor bars" of the Weber. I think they stopped using lava rocks to avoid flare-ups. I personally liked them -- it may have been psychological, but I think it gave it more of a barbequed taste.

In either case, I just got a new Sunbeam, and there's no place for lava rocks : (


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Thanks to Susan for the response.
Shows how ignorant I am.
You're correct. The new Sunbeam's are designed to not need lava rocks.
I appreciate your help.


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can you adapt this new grates to older sunbeam grills. I know there is a mail order home repair catalog that sells something like this to replace lava rocks or those squares.

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