Egress Window too high

lshs91December 3, 2012

We are thinking of selling our 1970's slit level house and would like to turn the basement into a bedroom before placing on the market. The window that is in place is the correct size (21"w x 32"h), but the sill is 48" above the floor...ground level outside. The concrete ends just 44" above the floor. Would it be worth it to rip out the existing window and try to lower it to the concrete? with the casing, it may end up being 45"..... which would mean having to cut into the concrete.

Or, would you leave it, add the closet, and call it a non-conforming third bedroom? Thanks for your opinions.

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If you add the closet, it is a bedroom and violates Code. So either leave it alone and let the buyer do what they will. Or spend a grand or less and do it properly.

"Non-conforming" (or legal non-conforming) is routinely used with regard to zoning to describe land uses that are grandfathered in. In other words, uses that existed before a particular zoning law was instituted and can continue. Applying that term to building changes (adding a closet) that you have done subsequent to a change in building codes is another matter.

You might want to consult your lawyer for the possible ramifications of using those weasel words in your sales pitch.

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Thank you. I think we are leaning towards doing it right.

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