basement wall options

aspen0December 4, 2008

I want to finish my basement and am handy and want to do much of the work myself.

I also have the problem of having a home business in the basement that I cannot move so I cannot empty it out entirely, I can move things away from the walls and otherwise shuffle things around, but I can't empty it.

I don't want a fully finished basement perse, nothing fance, no plumbing, no bar, no game room, just moreso insulated walls.

I was going to frame up the walls and maybe drywall them... but I've never drywalled before and don't want to deal with the dust.

I thought maybe I'd try wood paneling, but too much wood paneling gets oppressive and dark, but of course there are white paneling options or I could paint it. Still an option.

I thought maybe trying to get one of those fabric walls ala Impressive Basements or Owens Corning done, just the walls and electrical from them (I'll have a contractor do electrical regardless, atleast the roughin, I'll trust myself to install fixtures, but not whole circuits). OC is of course stupidly expensive, but I put in a call to Impressive Basements, no callback yet. I just want walls from them, and just exterior walls, we'll see.

So, are those my only three options? Or am I overlooking something? Drywall, paneling, or fabric system.

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How about textured drywall? If you trowel the walls, or pop them like many ceilings are done, you wouldn't have to sand.

Drywall work is pretty easy - you'll just be slow at it if you've not done it before.

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Have a link for that Ryan? Tutorial or pictures so I know what you're talking about?

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ps.. most searching I've done still has you finishing and sanding before applying the texture.

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Have you considered wainscotting? It is toungue and groove and can be installed over drywall, but you wouldn't necessarily need to tape because the wood would cover the seams. A drop ceiling would eliminate problems there.

Wainscotting I've seen is either pine or oak but could be painted or stained as you mentioned. Good luck with your project.

Just another thought - talk with some skilled drywall hangars and tapers. Business is slow for the trades and they might work weekends when you could better vacate your business. Yes, still a mess but they can advise what can be done to minimize dust.

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