2 Vases ~ Engraved with dates 1939 & 1941

justlindaMay 2, 2011

I bought these 2 vases for $1.49 for a crafting project thinking that they were silverplated. They are 10" tall, and each weighs 7-1/2 ounces. Upon examining them I noted they are marked "International Sterling" with a kind of bird/phoenix symbol, and S27, but are not marked with "925" or the words "sterling silver". I have googled every combination of words I could think of, and haven't come up with anything.

My question is: Can these be sterling, or are they "silverplated"? I found some items that are described as sterling hollow ware....is this what I have?


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You might get an idea by looking at my link.

Sorry that I can't help further.

Here is a link that might be useful: EBAY

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Yeah....they're sterling.....dont' "craft" them!
Linda C

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You don't get to put the word "sterling" onto a metal piece unless it's sterling silver

You have two nice sterling silver (hollow ware) vases. Often called "Trunpet" vases.

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Thanks for all the input. Guess I'm still in the "apprentice" stage, eh?

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No, they're not sterling. "International Sterling" is what the International Co put on its *silverplated* pieces. They got away with using the word "sterling" because it was part of their name. Pretty sneaky. The actual sterling pieces they made have their maker's mark and the word "sterling"


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