Source for different woods to use for smoking

calilooApril 18, 2005

Hey all

We have really gotten interested in smoking instead of the standard weekend grill fest. Not that there is anything wrong with grilling, we just like the smoke optin on occassion.

Anyway, what is a good source for different types of wood to use for smoking? I have Mesquite chips, but I would love to try some pecan, apple and other fruit woods depending on the meat (or fish) we are smoking.

What is your favorite place to buy wood?



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Hi Alexa! We like to smoke with apple wood here. Any of the fruit woods are wonderful. Wish I could say I have a source but I don't. I live in orchard country and we got a whole pickup load from one of the orchards. If you know of any, give them a call to see if they have any from trimming trees. I'll keep my eyes open when I stop at any of the farm markets.


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My local Kroger grocery sell Mesquite, Hickory, Apple, and Pear chips. They are located with the charcoal.

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A little late, but all I've ever used is Mesquite, Hickory and Apple. Found those in the local grocery, prior to Wegmans, which I think carries cherry, too.

This site sells a lot of different kinds - about $5 for 2 pounds, doesn't sound bad, but I didn't check the shipping. I know nothing about the site, either, but they sure seem to have everything.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Wal-Mart carries several different woods like apple hickory & mesquite


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Save your corn cobs from your sweet corn.

I cure and smoke bacon, and this winter I'm going to try cob smoking. I frequently use cobs with fish on the grill. Imparts a very nice taste without being overpowering.

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That is a very good source. I've bought from them in the past.

P.S., try the pecan with chickens... It rocks!

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If you are looking for large wood chunks for your smoker grill, this web site has hickory and oak chunks for less than 1 dollar per pound:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

I have a question about the cob smoking. We have corn on the cob at least once a week, but I usually trash the cobs. Do you dry them or use them wet? And is the flavor of the smoke compatible with most meats, fish and fowl?

This intrigues me!

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