buying gas grill this weekend, which one??

sanborn5April 24, 2008

I have done my homework, problem is after building this new home, working on the landscaping and getting bids on paving the drive way, DH says under $500.00. When we started building he was the first to say we need a really nice grill for this house, but he sure has changed his mind. This is what I have found Webber seems to be number one. But for under $500.00 it is the smaller one. Now I have heard nothing but BAD comments wherever I googled about the Perfect Flame so I will not even consider it.

Getting mixed reviews on the Charbroil, and the Napolean(not sure I love the looks). Also the infrared sounds great, if it is to be had for under $500.00. Any opinions on these grills? I guess my thoughts are is the so called stripped down and small webber better then going with the bells & whistles on the Charbroil or the Napolean? Or will either of them meet our needs? Thanks

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We used to have Weber gas grills that wore out real fast. One even caught on fire. And later on we found out that it was recalled for that problem.
We now have a charbroil and I love it. It is the stainless steel one with the side burner. I have never used the side burner but I like size of the grill and they way the tank is tucked underneath in a cabinet.
I hope this helps!

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I hope responding on Sunday is not too late! I was cooking in the woods all weekend on cast iron and dutches.

I have a Napolean 450RBI and absolutely love it. It has the infrared burner that is great for steaks and hamburgers. My is stainless steel with the cover.

But the 450RBI is over $1200.00 dollars. So I'm not sure it fits your budget.

You only mention your price restrictions but not your requirements for a grill. Do you want electronic ignition for lighting? Do you want stainless steel or regular metal finish? Do you want cast iron grates? How many are you cooking for?

Enjoy the journey.
eal51 in western CT

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I'm buying a gas grill today, in fact. Due to moving to an apartment, my main consideration was size (needing a smaller one).
I'm going with the Weber Q 300. Nothing bad to say about it on any of the reviews I've read. It's a bit spendy for me ($350), but it's exactly what I need. Adding a link to it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Weber Q 300 gas grill

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BBQ's Galore was having a sale on the Turbo Classic. A great buy for $389 for 3 burner nat gas or propane. Sale ended last week, but they will probably sell if there is any more stock. I have owned two of these over 20+ year period and I just bought a third. Great for basic grilling and rotisserie kits are available. Best of all, parts are available forever and grill can be upgraded as needed. There is also a 4 burner model.

Here is a link that might be useful: BBQ's Galore

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Just in case you haven't purchased.. I have a Napoleon 450RBI built in, and have been 110% happy with this thing. I got a great deal on it for $799 last summer, and have used it at least once a week every since then.

A friend of mine has a Charbroil full stainless that he bought at Lowes last year, and there is absolutely no comparison when cooking on these two grills. I hate grilling on his now.. heat distribution is uneven, and takes forever to heat up. It's rated for higher BTUs but doesn't come close to performing as well as the Napoleon..

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