Old Silver Dollars--does anyone know a

vannieMay 4, 2011

reputable source for selling? So many of the web sites want all your info--including e-mail, which I don't need anymore junk mail. I wonder what's the best way to sell these w/o getting cheated. Anybody deal w/ old coins?

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I used to know someone that did deal in coins, he loved to tell how he'd pay a widow couple of dollars for 1 & sell it at his shop, before day was out for $17. That was long ago so don't know that too many are trustworthy! Sorry!

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You can always list them on Ebay - they sell for pretty good prices as long as they are old enough or in good enough condition. Or at least you can check Ebay for what the going rate is on a particular coin that has already sold, and when you talk to a local coin dealer, you would have a better idea if they are giving you a good price or not.

I used to collect when I was a kid, and I still have all of my collection. I have often thought about liquidating my collection as well. If you don't mind me asking - what coins do you have? I doubt I would want to buy, but just curious, thats all.

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The prices are going to fluctuate depending on the going/daily rate of silver.

Condition and actual silver content are all factors. Depending... anything before 1964 might fetch 10 - 14 times face.

You'll have to do a little research - go into selling without arming yourself with little information is an invitation to getting taken.

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Try looking at Apmex for prices. To give you an idea what
you might get on ebay. If they are graded, like MS63, MS61,
AU ( almost uncirculated)in sealed cardboard sleeves,plastic cases, you will get more. It is very expensive to get them graded if they are not. If they are
loose coins average wear etc look on Apmex under the category
in the link provided.

Here is a link that might be useful: Apmex

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