Where should I put the BBQ in my backyard?

peachymomoApril 25, 2011

I want to have a BBQ area in the patio I am planning on installing in my backyard and I'm trying to decide where to put it. The main issue is that the house is a long rectangle with a little bit of an 'L' and the prevailing winds blow from the west, through the backyard and toward the house. I'm worried that the smoke from the BBQ will be blown right into the house or be trapped against the house and choke the patio, I want to have a large pergola against the house because the area gets a lot of sun, would that hold in more smoke?

I was thinking of offsetting the BBQ area so that it sat where the little shed is now - west of the addition instead of the patio. But we might add a second story onto the addition and garage to give the house a larger master bed/bathroom, it will have a small deck facing west and the BBQ would be right in front of it. Would that be unpleasantly smokey?

How far away should the BBQ be to minimize smokiness in and around the house? I saw one thing that said 10', but I think with our particular situation it would have to be more because I want the pergola to extend (ideally) 20' from the house, so how far from the pergola should the BBQ be? 10 more feet? That would be 30' from the kitchen door, is that too far? Would farther be terrible?

Because I want to design a section of patio just for the BBQ to be in I want to be sure to get this right the first time.

Here is the area where I want to have the patio, pergola and BBQ. I would like the pergola to be as wide as the current extended section of roof and to be as long as the addition, so that whole rectangle will be shady and nice. I'm not sure if that is possible, but it is what I would like most. I'm thinking the spot where the little shed is now might be a good BBQ place but I'm not sure if it's too close or too far.

The exposed dirt at the bottom of the pic is where the septic tank and grey water systems are, so we can't have the patio extend into that area, it has to be between the addition and the little path that goes out into the back.

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