Chinese Zodiac Symbol Water Jug Antique or not?

xgarden_gnomexMay 23, 2012

Hello my fellow collector. I needed a little help identifying this vase or jar. At first I thought maybe it had Chinese roots because of the animals in the Chinese zodiac but then I noticed that one of the symbols here was an Elephant; which i don't think belongs to any zodiac order.

If you cant help me with the symbols, please, could you tell me what type of vase it is? or if its even a vase? It could be a jar or a jug I'm just not really sure.

Why the spiked bottom? seems odd since it cant stand on its own. How do you set it up? Do i bury it underground or does it go on a special seat?

Small info: its made of stoneware. Hand made designs probably. 4 small handles on sides. The animals on the side are







8.Rooster [i think]


Any help would be IMMENSELY appreciated

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Pictures are totally essential.

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I think there are 12 symbols in the Chinese Zodiac symbols set, one for each month. (In Chinese resturants, I've seen 12 symbols on place mats. This is not the best place for documenting information.)

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