Has anyone ever used Place n' Go flooring in the basement?

congoroundDecember 29, 2008

In the past 15 years we have had 3 "floods" in our basement due to water heater bursting (twice) and our well pipe bursting. We are looking at putting down a floor where we can then put area rugs over it. I don't want to do cold tile.

I came across this website - http://www.placengo.com/default.php

Has anyone used Place n' Go flooring in their basement and if so, would you recommend it?

We're looking for something to put on our concrete floor that would be easy to remove and clean if a water problem were to happen again, but also looks nice.

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To begin, I'm going to mention what you already know - water heaters spring leaks and sump pumps fail. A bursting pipe is not a situation you can guard against.

Before you choose any flooring for a basement, consideration to minimizing future water intrusion is practical. Here are some thoughts.

Have a "pan" placed below the water heater. Properly installed one will direct water from a leaking water tank to a floor drain. They really aren't expensive - $25 or so - but the water heater will need to be drained, disconnected and lifted into the pan.

A back-up for your sump pump. Most are battery operated but there are also ones which can be powered via city water pressure.

Now to flooring. I'm with you about something removable in the event of water so I personally stay away from wall-to-wall carpeting. I'm not familiar with the product you mentioned but without adhesive, any future moisture will seep under the tiles and spread. Removing and drying an entire floor does not appeal to me.

In our basement, we installed vinyl tile but used mastak rather than the stick-down adhesive. And we have area rugs too. Surprisingly, the vinyl tiles insulate the concrete somewhat and many guests have been comfotable at the bar in stocking feet. You might want to purchase a small quantity and do a test without actually installing them.

You're on the right course, considering alternatives first. Good luck with your basement.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Basement/Bar

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I'm considering using this product to go over an old floor in my basement laundry room. I like that it's a recycled/recyclable material and seems pretty easy to install. Did you decide to use it in your basement? If so, how do you like it?

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