Bluestar Pyramid Hood, 1200cfm--Any Feedback?

beekeeperswifeJanuary 27, 2012

If you have the 48" Pyramid hood from Bluestar (or any size), 1200cfm, do you have any info you can share?

Thanks, I saw a new one online for sale, so I'm curious.

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I"m responding to this myself. No need to respond.

I witnessed a bs range with a hood the same size over it today. Whoa. Smoke was missing the hood. (front and sides). Lesson learned. I surely want to get a 27" deep hood.

There was one for sale that I'm passing on now because it was the size of the range. I have in the past oversized the hood, and today I saw why!

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To capture as much smoke and grease as possible over a 48" the best size is 54" wide x 27" deep.

From Good to Excellent

48" x 24"
54" x 24"
48" x 27"
54" x 27"

With a 1200 cfm internal blower, remote blower or in-line blower.

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And over a 36"?

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42" wide is ideal over a 36" range.

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Thanks, thull.

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I have been told that turning on the hood before you need it (like, as soon as you turn on the burner) sets up a current that makes exhausting more efficient once the smoke/fumes start up. The person who told me this asserted that by doing this you can actually use a lower cfm hood and maybe a less deep one (24" instead of 27"). Does anyone know if there is truth to it?

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I don't know about if you can use a lower cfm or less deep one, but it is always best to turn that fan on way ahead of time. I usually turn mine one when I start getting stuff ready to cook, this starts the air moving and then if I'm going to blacken something (for example) I crank it up right before tossing the item in the pan. Smoke goes right up.

I have 42" hood 24" deep over a 36" Capital right now. I have started doing these type of things on the back burners to ensure even more success with this too.

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