Water in the basement!

temeka1December 26, 2009

I bought this house about 5 yrs ago and have problems with water/sewage in the basemnet. I had the city foreman come out 2 years ago because i was told by roto rooter that I had roots in my sewr pipes which were causing blockage so the foreman had a tree cut down and the main pipe to my house replaced. Now 2 years later same issue. When I do laundry the water backs up thru the drain. Not when in rains, only from water INSIDE the house. Where would the blockage be?? HELP!!! Tired or paying people for unneccesary work!

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It sounds to me that you have some sort of obstruction in the line - perhaps more roots or a collapsed tile. I recommend that you call 2 or 3 reputable plumbers and get a quote to "scope" your sewer line. They will actually thread a small TV camera through the sewer line and video inside to identify any obstruction and its' location. Then a determination for correction can be made.

It may be relatively minor corrected by periodic rodding. Let's hope. Good luck.

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