muddy_waterApril 12, 2008

Ok I just have to post this I broke in my new Primo grill last week and it is the best grill / smoker I have ever used And I have used alot of different types...Pull pork had the best bark I have ever produced.Beef brisket tender and juicy. Steak seared to perfection medium rare. Seafood tuna steak also seared and medium rare.....The Temp control for this cooker is Unbelievible I smoked the pork and the brisket during a heavy rain and after 6 hrs the Temp never dropped a degree. No more getting up during the night checking temps for me....With the lump charcoal I can have the Temp up to 500 degrees within 15 min. and the ash produced with 12 pounds of lump would fit in the palms of my hands....The gas grill in going to the dump!!!!!! A few months ago I asked about the cookers on this site because I was going to start selling them at my store well now that I have used one I'm sold!!!!

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Glad to hear the grill is working so great! You started a thread a few months ago and hey_starfish relied that they had a cracked grill. Did you get any feedback on if the problem got resolved? Do you have any experience with the customer service from Primo. I have it narrowed down to the Primo and The Grill Dome and am searching for recommendations. TIA

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My $1500 Primo XL Oval is Kaput! I can not recommend the purchase of this product to anyone.

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