Charcoal grill with adjustable grill height

joannbmApril 19, 2006

My dad (40 years ago!)had a great charcoal grill which was adjustable by turning a rod. A pipe in the middle of the barbequer, held the grill which would would slide up and down. It lasted forever and was great for adjusting the temperature. I really hate Webers - find them to be junk -the paint on the inside of the hood peels off (great on your food!), the wheels fall apart quickly and the tray to hold the ash never stays put. Very disappointing and they are all over the place. Amazing. I am thinking about a ss grill but wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions.

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We had one of those grills when I was growing up. It always seemed kind of unsteady to me.

I saw a box grill at WalMart last year with an adjustable height charcoal grate. You adjusted it with a knob, but the cooking grates stayed put.

It MAY have been this one, I can't remember...

Also, there's this one that looks promising...,__7187072

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I have a great grill that you can move the charcoal up and down with a handle. It is structured like a gas grill but is charcoal.
I got it from loves last year.

It is also sold (under the name Sierra) from Williams and Sonoma for 2x the price.

Here is a link that might be useful: grill at lowes

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Weber made a charcoal grill that was oblong in shape and the temperature gauge on the out side of the lead. I would really like to get my hands on another one just like that. The grill itself stood about 3'tall and had two racks inside at different levels. Does anyone know where I can purchase one or have they been discontinued?

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