Capital Maestro Wall Oven

MichelleDTJanuary 5, 2012

Any new reviews on the Maestro oven? Loves, hates?



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I would love to hear a little more about this oven, too.

my wife and I are about to buy a 48" culinarian and are looking at the 30" Maestro double wall oven.

I've heard the display isn't very bright/crisp. also the racks aren't that great.

How does the moist-bake work??


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As an update, we have decided on Wolf E Series frameless ovens - two single units. There simply was not enough feedback on the ovens and the thread from last year on DOA ovens and Capital support turned me off. That's me, everyone else is entitled to their own opinion.

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Sorry I didn't see this question sooner for you, but in case anyone else is searching for info on the Maestro Wall Oven, I will post my experience.

We have had a Capital Maestro single wall oven for over 4 months now and I have been very happy with it. We had an initial problem with the temperature display which I reported on another post here--possibly where you got the idea there were problems with the display--but it turned out to be a faulty control panel, which was immediately replaced at no cost to us. Although my email to customer service did not get a response, a phonecall to customer service was acted upon promptly. We talked to a technician who identified the problem correctly and shipped us a replacement control panel. We received it in about a week. The new control panel works great and is very bright and easy to read.
The controls work differently than other ovens I've used because they are optical controls and rotate to the settings instead of punching buttons through a menu. Bakes beautifully, which was important to me. I personally have not used the roasting feature so can't comment on that, but day to day use has been fine. I also don't have any issue with the racks--I think they work well. They do not extend all of the way out, but I would rather they do that than extend out and tip over. Also, no problem with moving them from rack to rack, once you figure out how they work. You just grab them by the sides and rotate your hands slightly to disengage the rollers from the slots they roll along on the oven wall. So no one fixed roll out rack like Wolf because you can move them to any rack position. If my memory serves correctly (it's been a year), only one rack in the Wolf pulled all the way out and that was the very bottom rack which I never use, even with a turkey. In short, I personally think the product has been unfairly "dissed" and dismissed, but I do suggest you look at one to see if you like the operation.

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