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Xeno057May 24, 2014

Hello all,

My parents gave me these lamps upon moving down to Florida, and they have just been sitting in a room in my house since. They seemingly have no markings aside from the light bulb fitting, which says: "Leviton, Made in the USA, 250w 250v." It also says "press" near the light switch which is actually a twisting switch, which confuses me.

I believe my parents got them as a wedding gifts from a rather well-off person around 1971. I've asked my parents if they know anything about the lamps, and they haven't got a clue. Do you guys have any ideas? Any valuation?

Here are some additional pictures.


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That style was very popular in the 30s. I have two ewer lamps from my Mother and Father in law's wedding in 1934 or 35. Leviton is the switch manufacturer and the press versus twist, might be because the electricals have been updated for safety. Nobody runs lamps in the U.S. on 240 volt anymore, but it is the norm in much of Europe since the 50s.

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"press here"

Leviton is the manufacture of the switch and ligh bulb fitting. Go to stores that have that sort of thing and you can find similar items. "Press here" is an instruction for how to take it apart. That style of fixture isn't held together by much. The upper part has a few small punched out tabs that snap into the bottom part. When you squeeze where the tabs are (press here), it separates and provides access to the switch and electrical terminals. (It comes apart.)

The 250 volt, 250 watt is the maximum rating of the device. In the USA ,typical household lamp voltage is 120V - 60 cycle per second. Do pay attention to the 250 watt rating. That is the maximum safe size of a lamp bulb that may be used. Larger wattage may cause overheating. Also, it is the maximum rated load for the switch.

If you are not familar with safety details for wiring the switch, give that job to someone who is. However, if the lamp wire is in good shape, there is no need to mess with the internal parts.

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Hi guys!

Me again. The wife has been pushing me to clear the spare room. Anyone have a good recommendation on a good price to sell these for? They do not light up for now - I supposed due to the fitting or switch. I would fix them if you think it's worth it to get a better sale.

Thank you for any advice!

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Anyone?? :-)

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You need to check the ENTIRE lamp for manufacturer's marks - all parts, with a bright light and a magnifying glass ... see what you can find.

The best you can do is search on your local Craigslist, First Dibs and other sites to see what "urn lamps" are selling for.

Also, it's a matter of style. It's a nice-looking lamp but not a currently popular style.

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Thank you lazy!

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