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joyce_6333May 27, 2008

My husband and I live in an old bungalow that was his grandfather's home. When we moved in, there were several boxes of old photos -- most of them are not people we recognize. Some are very old, tin photos of civil war soliers, babies, etc. We even have a few old photos albums with these tin photos mounted in them. Earlier ones (mid to late 1800s) are in perfect condition, and really rather beautiful. I'm thinking perhaps I may sell some of them, but have no idea what they may be worth. Our kids are not interested at all. Is there a market for old pictures of unknown people?

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There sure is....check "tintype" in ebay....and even Daguerrotype.
Keep in mind that everything listed as "tintype photo" isn't a tintype.
Linda C

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Most old photos are worth very little. However, civil war related photos are very collectable. Esp. cart de visit (probably misspelled) I once sold an album of them for $1000.00 I've also sold old photos of downtown areas of large cities for some good money. For example a large cabinet photo of downtown Bath Maine circa 1880. I once had some stereo view cards of Deadwood S.D. from around the time of Wild Bill Hickock. I sold some of those for $200.00 each. Photos of unknown, regular folk don't bring a whole lot.

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There is a market for the old photo's that picture children with toys, dolls, pets.
Town photos of main streets,railroad depots are also collectible.

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