Handcarved Wooden Figurines- Need help identifying!

wtylerallenMay 31, 2010


These small figurines were given to my mother from my great grandmother. We do not know the value, or the historical significance.

They are all of the same man, a man with long hair, a hat or what appears to be a begging bowl in his hand.

One statue is a different character, a small man with hat and bags.

I hope someone can identify these for me, that would be amazing. Thank you so much!









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You need to find a site that will allow you to imbed your images in the message....it's pretty laborous to copy and paste to see all you have. I looked at 3 pictures which were poorly lit and blurry....can't tell if others are better.
Get a good camera or borrow one and take a picture from all angels and the bottom as well.
Sorry, can't help with the info given.
Linda C

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It would be very amazing ... they look like cell phone pictures, all grainy and badly lit.

The better the picture the better the chances for an ID. If all you have is a cell phone, at least set the figurine down in good lighting for the pictures.

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If you believe the figurines to be the same man, it suggests that it would be a man whose image has been replicated often and who would have piqued your great grandmother's imagination. It would help if we knew your general geographic location, or that of your great grandmother. It may be a figure who is well known in one area, more than another. What this figure reminded me of are some images I've seen of Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman). He is often depicted as a long-haired fellow in raggedy clothes and a sack from which he pulls out apple seeds and scatters them on the ground as he walks along. In reality he owned a massive amount of land just a county over from where I live and he started up apple orchards in numverous places and then moved on.....and he would distribute his wares to pioneers as he journeyed around evangelizing to them of the Swedenborgian faith. I had an Ancestor who was Swedenborgian and that led me into reading up on him.

Have no idea of who this is, but suspect it's some character or other with a story like that, or perhaps you had a great grandfather who liked to whittle, lol. Yes, better pictures might help if you can get them. Good luck.

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