Grill rusted - what to do?

klaraMarch 23, 2009

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right forum for this question, please let me know.

We have had a Weber's Genesis Silver B gas grill for about 4 years. It is sitting on my deck all year round (covered unless in use). All of a sudden the grill stopped working this weekend - turns out the pipe (sorry if I am using the wrong word here) that runs the gas from the ignitor to the burners has rusted to the point that there are holes here and there.

We clearly have two options - either to repair this grill or to get a new one. What to do? Should we even bother trying to replace the part? What is the useful life of a gas grill? Are there other models that would withstand the New England weather longer than 4 years? Does anyone have recommendations as to what grill we should get? We don't want to spend more than a few nundred bucks. We do grill year-round.


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The part you are referring to is the manifold if it is the metal piece that the regulator rubber hose fits into under the grill. If it were my grill YES I would get a new manifold assembly. Quite frankly I'm surprised that it rusted out so quickly.

My Weber Genesis 3000 is 15 years of age sits outside year round here at Va Beach. At about the 2 year point I had a bad center burner and Weber sent me a whole new Manifold and Burner assembly gratus, with the stipulation that I send them the bad one back (they paid postage).

Not sure about our economic times and the toll it may have had on Weber but all my dealings with them have been awesome.

You should be able to get this part from Weber or one of their authorized repair places. I'm lucky I have a repair place a little over a mile away.

Your grill shoud give you many more years of service.

I'm originally from New Hampshire. Sister lives in West Quincy Mass.

Very Respectfully,
Fly Navy

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A Weber of that vintage can give you 20+ years of service - just like a car, it requires maintence every so often, but when you have a Cadillac you don't sell it off when you get a flat.

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