Dry aging steak at home.. made easy

hotgrilljoeMarch 13, 2009

I had always wanted to dry age my own steaks at home. But everywhere I looked there were instructions that were really messy and involved having meat sitting in your fridge open for a long time. This would create odors in the fridge and the meat both. Recently I found an easy way to do it. Using a special moisture permeable bag, I dry aged a boneless ribeye to perfection. I put the meat into the bag and vacuum sealed it ( I bought a vacuum sealer). The bag allows moisture to permeate, but still keeps a vacuum (pretty amazing). I aged it on a wire rack (you have to allow the air to surround the meat) in my fridge for 2 weeks. Took the meat out of the bag and trimmed off the hard crust that forms from it drying.

The steaks were perfect and had a distinct dry aged flavor and butterknife texture.

This kind of aging used to be only the domain of fine steak houses or specialty meat processors, but now I can do it at home.

Check out www.drybagsteak.com

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I like to dry age my steaks for a couple or three days before putting them on the bbq, I feel they come out better. I just leave them uncovered in the fridge on a cookie grate over drip pan or plate. Never had a problems with smells.

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To get the real dry aged flavor and texture one needs to age for 14-21 days in my humble opinion. Thats what the great steak places age like Smith and Wolensky or Capitol Grill (I love their steaks). Three or four days may help. I have never tried to do individual steaks that way. Usually I take a full ribeye or striploin for NY strip and age for 21 days, since you have to trim off the dry crust and fat cap.

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