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boneladyMarch 20, 2007

I have a 15 year old Weber Gas Grill and am ready to replace it. I have really liked the porcelain grills because of the ease of cleaning them. I now notice that grills are coming in cast iron and stainless. What has been your experience with these materials?

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I have a Viking grill that uses porcelain over stainless, though you can order a stainless grate if you want. My infrared sear grill uses stainless. The porcelain is much easier to clean. I love seared steaks on the infrared, but we tend to use the traditional gas grill more often because of cleaning issues.

I'm in Florida and cast iron rusts here very quickly. I'm not a fan of it.

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Thanks That's kind of what I thought. It looks like stainless steel is what the grills are coming with. The percelain coated are still listed as available replacment parts so I'll check out if they fit.

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