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banjosamboMay 16, 2012

I'm not sure if this is considered an antique or collectible--I have a 1908 home in Spokane, Washington. Our washing machine (until recently) discharged into a very large concrete wash basin. Imprinted on the basin is a large swastika. In an oval around the swastika it reads "Seattle Concrete Laundry Tray Company" with a "Trade" and "Mark" on either side of the swastika. I was able to disconnect it and move it, with 3 other men helping me. Anyone know of a possible range of age? I have no idea if it has value, and not quite sure what to do with it? Not sure if I want to display something in my yard with large swastika on it. Thanks for any info.

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Very collectable....just because people tossed them out because they were so heavy.
Don't worry about the swastika....before the Nazi's adopted it, it was a symbol used by Native Americans.
It would make a lovely garden sink....or just leave it in the laundry room.
But it would be a wonderful adjunct to a potting shed....
The age is about that of your house.....value in $$?? Who knows....
But once you break it up....that is one more piece of the solid past gone.
Put it outside, put in a recirculating pump....grow fish....or plants....or use it to wash lettuce....but keep it with the house.
Linda C

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I can't bring myself to just toss it. I think I have a nice space in the backyard in the garden. I hadn't thought about fish. My kids would love that. Thanks.

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Swastikas were very popular in the 1880-1920s ... Rudyard Kipling's books from then almost always had them on the bindings. It's the Hindu version, not the Nazi version (theirs is reversed).

There are several similar companies:
"Seattle Cement Laundry Tray Company" mentioned in a 1910 Year book By Seattle Architectural Club, Architectural League of the Pacific Coast

"Portland Cement Laundry Tray Company" of Portland ... 1913 Journal of Contracting

"Seattle Laundry Supply" sink found in a 1913 Craftsman

The link is to a discussion of them - apparently they were popular and CHEAP in the early 1900s, compared to slate or soapstone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cement Laundry Tubs

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The swastika symbol was repected before the two world wars. If my memory serves me right, a religious group used a swastika as their symbol. But the religious symbol was reversed to that of the Nazi. When the Nazi party was formed, they adopted the religious symbol and reversed it.

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