Basement framing over radiant heat tubing

house_elfDecember 31, 2009

To all that contribute priceless information on this site...I frequently visit this forum and appreciate all the good advice that I have gained through your experience and knowledge. I have a dilemma that I hope can be answered. I am about to start framing my basement. I know I am supposed to use pressure treated wood anywhere the base plates are installed, where wood touches the concrete. My problem is that I have radiant tubing imbedded in the concrete floor and I have no way to determine where the tubes are, and I don't want to take a chance that I will pierce the tubes. How can I attach the base plates to the concrete floor without nails or screws? Is there a special industrial strength adhesive that I can use?

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A low-VOC heavy duty construction adhesive should do the job. PL is one widely used brand. Jam the framing as tightly as possible on top of a moisture barrier and let set to recommended curing time before installing finish surface.

I've used powder-actuated fasteners set to just 1/2" maximum penetration where I had the radiant installed and was sure it was near the bottom of the concrete. You could also anchor end pieces to the walls; if the walls are hollow block, anchor to the webs only.

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