Weber A or B? (2004)

steve_aMarch 29, 2004

This is my first visit to this forum, and the reason is that after about 20 years, I will be retiring my Weber kettle grill in favor of gas. I've read the recent posts here that discuss gas grills, and it seems that most of them are from last year. The Weber A is more in my price range, and I just saw that they were reduced at Home Depot from $349 to $300. I think the B was $449, but I'm not sure. I'd probably go for a $100 upgrade, but $150? Someone in one of the other posts said with the 3 burner B, you could turn off the center burner for slow-cooking chicken. Makes sense to me. Anyone with comments, especially on the A? Also, what's the best way to shop and buy? Any web discounts out there? Thanks for the help,


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First off, I've never seen these grills discounted. Everyone sells them for the same price. I've never used an "A" before but I've used many grills with two burners before. I currently own a Silver B, been using it for about 4 years. I have never gotten these results from a 2 burner grill. Like you mentioned, the ability to turn off the center burner allows you to slow cook anything. I know $150 seems like a lot of money, but for insuring you get good results cooking expensive meat, it's worth it.

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Thanks, Wheely, I've pretty much come to the same conclusion. I hope I can find a blue one locally! Steve

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I have a Genesis 1000, same as the Silver B now. I agree having the center burner is a huge advantage.

Amazon is $449

Best Froogled prices are:

$419.99 -

$425.00 - 1 Best Buy

Not sure how reputable these guys are nor what they charge for shipping.

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Thanks, sscutchen. I found a blue one at a local hardware store and have been happily grilling ever since. Steve

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