cleanin cast iron

s.s.tupperwareMarch 5, 2009

I have a few cast iron pans that got into bad shape from using them out at the fire then forget and leave them in the weather or whatever. sometimes the wife brings unusual ones home that are completely rusty and flaking and such. I tried the wire wheel , burning and such till I came across this... ez pz works great

Well I tried it and was amazed with the results.


As ya can see it was pretty nasty...


Here it is in a frothy bubbling caldrin ..

Here it is after 4 hours or so...


I'm sure you could do any iron based parts or items in there, after a quick whipe into the oven for seasoning and its as good as new... :D

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If it is not too badly rusted, submerging it in Coca Cola (not Pepsi or any other soft drink) will work wonders. You can't leave it in too long or it will start to eat the iron instead of just the rust.

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