Should I have insulated this crawlspace?

garojDecember 29, 2007

Last year I read about the benefits of insulating an enclosed (concrete walls and floor) crawlspace beneath the main portion of my ranch-style home. I thought it should keep the house warmer. However, I now have a toasty basement. Am I just trapping good heat in the basement, or is this actually keeping the floors warmer in the house? It doesn't seem to.

After asking for suggestions I placed the insulation with the paper up towards the floor and the open side down.


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The ceiling is NOT insulated in a sealed crawl space.

See conditioned Crawl Space Construction @

Here is a link that might be useful: Specificaions for a Sealed Crawl Space (humid climate)

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Thank you -- very enlightening indeed. I guess I'll move the ceiling insulation to my garage (though I'll check that forum first).

I did see references to sealing the ceiling however. As this is an old house, are there good spray-on sealants a doityourselfer can use? I'll search within. Thanks again.

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To clarify, I guess I am talking about insulating the rim joist area, and I have found your and others' posts on this for the options.

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sealing the ceiling In the garage, not the ceiling of a sealed crawl space. Nothing beats sprayed foam for sealing the garage ceiling.

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Ok, but I now have 1200 sq ft of R-19 Owens Corning faced insulation that I will have to remove from my crawlspace. I was thinking of using it in my garage ceiling - though it will ruin the look, that's for sure. My home ceiling/attic is already insulated to the max, though.

To get back to the crawlspace for the moment, it sounds as though you also like (closed cell) spray foam for the rim/sill plate area....


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As far as I'm concerned, spray foam is the most efficient insulation for basement walls, rim joists anywhere in the home and any other difficult to reach areas.

For garage ceilings, it's the only way to go.

On one custom home, following the HVAC designer's advice, I turned the entire above-garage ceiling into a plenum, complete with supplies and a return. But the room above was still cold in winter, hot in summer.

Now, it's foam all the way. I prefer closed to open cell, as I've had the open cell type shrink away when applied in cold weather. Closed cell insulation is available in some areas in a soy based water blown formula that uses no oil and produces less CO2 than other types.

Maybe you could sell those batts. Or donate them to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, if there's one near you. In Canada, at least, they even provide tax receipts.

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Thanks, I'll look into donating them. I'm interested in the soy based formula as well. Much obliged.

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