Proline vs Prestige Range Hood

soesoe75January 25, 2011

Hello appliance gurus! I need your help with selecting a range hood for our 48" Capital Culinarian (6 burners at griddle).

I have narrowed the hood choice down between two brands and models.

1) the Prestige 48" wall hood w 1200 cfm internal blower at $2700

2) ProLine 48" wall with 1200 cfm internal blower at $1200.

The reviews for Prestige seem quite good and the pricing is competitive with Bluestar hoods and other major brands. I have a feeling Prestige actually makes the Bluestar hood.

The ProLine brand is so tempting at the low price of $1200 including blower however I can't find and reviews on this brand. This hood is also 27" deep compared to the Prestige which is 24", I'm not sure the 27" would stick out too far for my liking. The ProLine also has 4 speeds where the Prestige has a dial control.

Does anyone have any experience with ProLine hood and/or Prestige hoods? We cook a lot so want a excellent quality hood.

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I'm going to get a 24" Prestige wall mounted hood which they call the Proline. I called Prestige to ask some questions and they told me that Prizer (Blue Star) is making them and I should buy it from them. They're available with either 24" or 27" depth. So the Proline trade name on 2 different hoods can be confusing. Prestige seemed to be saying that only the Proline is being made by Prizer and their other product lines come from somewhere else.

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catman thanks and yes it is the also the Prestige Proline 48" model we are looking at however there is another brand actually called ProLine that makes a 48" hood model #PLZW 697.48.

Has anyone else heard of ProLine Range hoods?

Here is a link that might be useful: ProLine

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I have. I'm also trying to get reviews.

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I've got a (PLFW 116.36) Proline 36" 900cfm undercab unit above my Bluestar 36" 6 burner. It's a sturdy well built unit and works great. Although, I wish the lights were brighter. But it performs well. Also the people at Proline are a pleasure to deal with.

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I have the Prestige 1200 CFM unit built in to a copper hood above a Bluestar 30 RNB. It works well but is quite loud on high. (Or so it seems to me).

I had thought about installing a remote blower instead. But I did notice this -- after we finished cooking I left the hood on and we went outside to the terrace to eat. It was virtually silent out there even though the hood was running and making a racket in the kitchen. The vent is on the garage roof very near the table on the terrace. I am wondering if I had put in the remote motor whether I would be getting more noise on the terrace. For me the lesser evil is having the noise in the kitchen.

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My experience has NOT been good, to say the least I am very frustrated.
Placed order for PLEW832.36 1600CFM with 10' chimney extension Jun 20, 2011. ProLine informed me the design was changed, instead of one motor at 1600CFM, the redesign was 2 motors with 1000CFM. I asked about the venting, my response was we have a gasket that covers both outlets to converge into one, ok so I have 1 hole in my wall for the vent, is that right? yes was the answer. Vent did not arrive until Aug20 2011. Vent did not come with the gasket they said it would, I called to inquire about this and they now said it needed its separate vents to beyond the wall and then could be joined into 1 pipe. Installed about 2 days later. As our kitchen did not have a vent, we had to have one installed, quite a process, as we have a room above the kitchen. Turned on the vent and such a racket... quietest on the market, don't think so! So I called Tech support and spoke with Spencer, he said it was not supposed to sound like that and they would send another one to replace the one installed. Also, the chimney extension did not arrive at the same time, called and they said it was on its way, it was delivered Aug 26 @ 6pm! The new vent was delivered Oct 27 2011. Called the installer to come back and take out the old and replace with the new. Guess what! Still the noise, not as bad, but still very noisy. I placed a call to ProLine for tech support and was told he was out of the office and a message would be given to Spencer for a callback, I am still waiting for that call. I was looking for a different type of "Y" connecter and a distribution center for HVAC advised me to call a company which specializes in vent work. I did, they took a look and said it needs 2 separate vent runs. However as they were preparing to do the work yesterday late afternoon, they removed the vent pipe and still the noise on one of the motors, sounds like the left. The installer said it sounded like the bearings were bad. I called and spoke with Heather, she said she could do nothing about it and will talk with Spencer on Monday. As a footnote, this company is a venting company, that is all they do, they install Viking, GE, Dacor, etc... high end vents, they have been in business for 40 years, so they should know what they are doing.
All of this has been a great expense, each time they have to come back it is more money. Now, the vent company, will add additional vent at a cost of about $350. So this install process has cost us as much as the vent ... Vent with chimney $1000, first install $630, additional install $350. Also, manual that comes with the vent is for a single motor. I feel that if they changed the design, venting is a big process to making the vent work properly, they should have advised on that process and have new manuals made.
I must say that Proline has been very accommodating, but they don't tell the truth about when the product will be here (too many conflicting excuses). I think 2 months wait each time is a little long for arrival. Perhaps they should put more vents on that slow boat from China!
Sometimes what seems to be less expensive turns out to be more expensive, than if you had chosen a more expensive one in the first place.
Please CHOOSE carefully.

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Hi there !

I would agree with Kathleen 1945.
I purchased my Proline range hood from the web site back in July, received the hood in October, just received the power cord, transition duct and lights Nov 10 and am still waiting for the blower. I get the same answers, when I call - on backorder, waiting for the container to come in. Nobody there knows what is going on with their product. Learn from my mistake, shop elsewhere !!!

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I have a ProLine PLJW102.36 installed over a 36" BlueStar RNB, and I couldn't be happier. The hood was shipped astonishingly quickly, with all parts, last March or April, and languished in the living room until it was installed in June. It took about a week to arrive after I ordered it.

My only regret is that I didn't order the high shelf backsplash for the range, so I could use the heat lamps in the range hood. Turns out keeping plates warm up there would have been nice.

My contractor was extremely dubious at first, because he'd never heard of them, but was impressed once he examined it and then installed it.

Seven months later, I'm still happy with it. It looks beautiful and performs very well. The customer service was great, very friendly and knowledgeable. It's not that noisy on high speed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Range Hood

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My experience with Proline started out positive. I purchased a cylindrical island hood for an upcoming renovation. 3 weeks later I received a call that the unit had been damaged in shipping. I was understanding and ordered a somewhat similar hood. When we opened the box we realized that the charcoal filters had not been sent. As our hood does not vent outside of our loft these are obviously essential.
When I called, Proline apologized and said they would send the filters. They arrived a week later but were incorrect for my hood. Another call, another promise to send the correct filters. Again, these were incorrect.
All subsequent calls and emails have remained unanswered. They are actually ignoring me.
Since, I have registered a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Utah to try and have this resolved and received an email back from them today:

The Better Business Bureau has made two attempts to contact the business regarding the above referenced complaint. We regret to inform you that we have not received a response from the company.

This complaint case has now been closed as an UNANSWERED complaint in their file.

The Better Business Bureau develops and maintains Reliability Reports on companies across the United States and Canada. This information is available to the public and is frequently used by potential customers. In the case of your complaint, the company's failure to promptly give attention to the matter will be reflected in the report we give to consumers about them.

I am now stuck with a nice looking but completely useless range hood that I can not find filters for.

Do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere!!

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Yuck, this sucks. I was pretty happy when I stumbled upon ProLine because the price was unbelievable. Now I see why. No thanks.

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I ordered the PLFW 115.30 from them last week, shipped next day eventhough their website stated ships same day if ordered by 3pm ET. Prolinehoods were pretty responsive to a few emails I sent them. They also offer a 14 days money back satisfaction guarantee and they pay return shipping. Given this, 2 yrs warranty and its the cheapest hood I can find with 900 CFM/baffle filters, I took the chance. Worse case, I ship it back on their dime. I nearly bought a Kobe based on favorable feedback on this forum but it was $200 more for almost the same model with 760 CFM. I also find it extremely difficult to comprehend why a SS hood plus a motor blower can cost in the thousands for one of those better known brands. I know this is made by one of those China factories but what isn't these days? Even Iphones/Ipads etc are made in China. Hood will arrive Wed, so I will provide further feedback once its installed next weekend. Good luck with your search.

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Klingon: can you please post an update on your PLFW 115.30?

I'm thinking of getting the PLFW 116.42.

thank you,

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Bumping for some updates please.

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Its been running good so far. Very satisfied with removing smell, cooking affluent etc. We wok fry a lot and hardly need to go above speed 3. Cleaning is fairly easy with the baffle filters. This is my first baffle hood, so not sure what to expect. I still see oil accumulating on the blower enclosure and the cage covering the blowers but easy enough to clean.

Hood arrived damaged (rivets popped out) but Proline was very responsive and sent a replacement and free pickup. Construction-wise not the best. It does the job at a price I'm willing to pay (~$600). Looks like any other branded hood. Hope this will last at least the 2 years! If you're not after the warranty, I saw the same models on Ebay for ~$400, with generic brand. Good luck.

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Before ordering from Proline, you might want to check their Better Business Bureau history.

Here is a link that might be useful: Proline Range Hoods BBB page

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