flare ups!

sybilkrizinskiMarch 10, 2006

Hi, I just got a new grill I have been grilling up a storm.

Is it advisable to put foil or a drip pan of some sort

under the meat to catch grease? I had so many flare ups

with my steaks and pork this week and thought that maybe

that would be the solution. Any advice would be greatly

appreciated. Thanks, SK

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My husband doesn't use a drip pan on his grill. He does keep a squirt bottle filled with water next to the grill. When flare ups happen a few quick squirts and the flare is gone. NancyLouise

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The leading cause of flair ups is a build up of grease in the grill. When you have to grill directly over the fire, make sure it is clean and keep the lid closed.

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Especially with steaks and pork chops, I cut all the fat off the
side and then put those pieces on top of the meat.

Really cuts down on the flare-ups.

Plus, you still get the flavor of the fat because it bastes
the meat as it cooks.

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