Centro BBQ

InOverMyHeadMarch 24, 2004

Has anyone ever heard of Centro BBQ's? I can't find a website for them or any information on the net. I live in Canada and they appear to be sold exclusively at Canadian Tire (Hardware Store). The look very good, seem sturdy and the quality appears good. I have read other posts about the Virco BBQ that looks good but didn't perform well. I'm worried about buying something that only looks pretty but does a lousy job of grilling.

If anyone has experience with this brand, can you please share that.

Thank you.

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I only use Char- Broil BBQ pit. I have two. One is a Charcoal/gas grill and the other is just a gas grill. You can pay anywheres from 150.00 to 600.00. Check out there website. I bought a grill trap,it catches the grease, now I don't have all that grease on my wooden deck, like we say in the south, "talk about good". It's the best thing
ever! Just go to www.grilltrap.com they have all kinds of cajun seasoning, cajun recipe,drunken chicken stands you know the beer can thing. They call in the Tipsy Chicken Cooker. That is so cool, I have one too.
Check it out.
Have a great day
cajun cat

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Did you end up buying a Centro Barbecue? I'm also from Canada and was just looking at them on the Canadian Tire website. I'm wary because I can't find anything about them online. I also have looked at the Life @ Home barbecues at Superstore... but I have my doubts about them as well.

I know the Broil-Mate and Weber ones at Home Depot are good... but the prices are high.


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I bought a Centro from canadian Tire. Have had no problems for 2 years. Now I find that the igniter is not sparking. Any idea where to get this part and how to install it please?

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Igniter is easy to fix. I assume you need the switch cause it is not clicking anymore? Their number is 1-866-523-5217 and they do carry 5 year warranties on them. Basically you may as well break the old ingiter out of the hole - it is garbage anyways - and the new one will just snap in. Be sure to disconnect the wires fromt he igniter to the electrodes it is attached to.

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