Consequences of Finishing the Basement

condormanDecember 8, 2006

What is (are) the consequence(s) of finishing my basement and not hiring an inspector. I hired out the electrical (certified tech) and dry wall mudding. I completed everything else including the radiant heat baseboards.

Annually there is a form that arrives by mail requesting me to fill out any changes that have been made to my home/property. Should I ignore this and wait for an auditor instead?

Thanks so much for your comments.


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Physically I guess it depends on what you did that was wrong or unsafe. Fires, structural failure, CO poisoning, mold growth I guess are some possibilities in some homes. Most folks "don't know what they don't know".

You might not be able to call it finished space when list to sell - so I've heard.

Search this section for "finish basement without permit". There's a big thread on the subject.

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