Viking Range side and rear trim ? HELP!

tungsten79January 28, 2013

Hello all,

Thanks in advnce for help.

I've purchased the VGCC5304BSS sealed 30" range from Viking, I will have Caeserstone countertops around the range. The range comes with a 1" island trim on the back already included.

What is the utility of the side (P24CST-SS - $140) and rear (P30CRT - $40) trim that are sold by viking separately ? Do i need them? The side trim seems reasonable since there has to be a gap between the sides and countertop, but the rear island trim is already installed.

thanks so much

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Don't know about your stove, but when I looked briefly at the Viking induction range last summer, I think the side pieces and rear piece were simply covering the gap between the stove and the surrounding countertop. IIRC, the stock "island trim" is actually only a short riser for the oven vent. (It keeps the oven venting from blowing directly onto burners and also raises the vent up just enough to reduce the likelihood that stuff may roll off the stovetop into oven vent.) My recollection is that the island trim piece did not have a lip to cover the gap at the back of the stove where it meets an island's countertop. I had the impression that the P30CRT was simply a lip that somehow clipped or stuck on to the back of the island trim.

The whole idea is that the lips will cover the gap and keep stuff from falling down between the counter and stove. Also, with the lip, your countertops do not have to be very tight against the stove, and that makes it muucchh easier to get in and out. Most 30" stoves are actually more like 29 7/8" wide and cutouts are usually specified and cut to 30 1/8" just so you can move a stove in and out when needed.

It was hard to figure out whatthe back piece did because there did not seem to be any pictures of the rear trim piece, or at least I couldn't find any when I looked last summer. I'm guessing that has not changed.

Maybe somebody who actually has one can chime in.

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The side pieces are as JW said. They screw into the sides of the range, requiring that you drill holes into the sides. You don't NEED them, but may want them if the gaps between your range and countertops are big. The range looks perfectly fine without them. The back piece is if you do not want your stove to go all the way against the wall, or if it won't go against the wall because your gas and/or electric are in the way. It will fill the gap behind the stove and the wall. You don't need that piece either. With the island trim, the range can be pushed all the way against the wall (non-combustible backsplash needed). Expect your backsplash to get very hot and condensation to form when you use the oven. The range will fit into a spot exactly 30 inches wide with no problem.

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