bowed wall correction

den77November 6, 2013

Hi all,
I usualy don't post on the forums, but this time i am just out of ideas and would really appreciate any advice.

Our house has a bowed wall with about 3.5 inch deflection measured by plumb tool�
The wall is cracked in several spots, some cracks are fixed and some are not� After months of research and estimates
we are thinking to correct this by installing (i-beams, also called power braces.) The size of the brace is 4x2 � inches.
My question is will I be able to frame this?
The basement is finished and I will need to add studs and drywall it. Since the ibeam is 4 inches and it would need to be flushed with the wall, can I use 2x6 studs to re-frame that wall?
Or maybe someone here had similar situation and I would greatly appreciate any feedback for this issue.


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The Power Braces have adjustment nuts that may need to be tightened over the years. Plus you will want to keep monitoring the wall to see that it is not getting worse despite the bracing. So you need to provide for access to the adjustment bolts and removable inspection panels to check on the wall.

There's no need for 2x6s. You're not supporting anything; just providing something to hang the drywall on. Set 2x3s or 2x4s flush with the braces and drywall. If you're insulating, you can use light metal framing instead.

"Power Braces" on basement wall.

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Hi Worthy and thanks for your reply,
I have hanging ceiling panels throughout the basement, would it be enough of the access to tighten the bolts...?
Also, maybe you might know, if the crack is diagonal, does it mean that it was poor concrete job... in my understanding if there is outside pressure then crack should've been horizontal...
I also suspect very poor drainage but we fixed it few years back(connected all down spouts and sumppump and routed it towards the corner of the lot.

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I used carbon fiber straps to repair my basement wall. I had to repoint the old cracked mortar between the concrete blocks and that was very time consuming. Laying up the carbon fiber straps was the easiest part of the job. My wall is only bowed in an inch or so. its been 6 months since I've done it and so far so good. Carbon fiber straps are proven to be some 10 times stronger than steel. They don't degrade nearly as quickly as steel and they aren't as obtrusive. Once installed, you really can just forget about it. There are some videos in youtube where carbon fiber reinforced concrete block walls were tested for strength. Totally worth checking out.

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