Planning GameRoom/Exercise Room...How to start?

carolbarrel07November 7, 2007

I've been rehabbing a house we're moving into in Dec or Jan and have been mostly concerned with the upstairs. The goodsized basement is partially earth floor with slope down to a level area that already has a concrete floor laid. I'm thinking of framing off that side of the basement, tiling the floor, applying sheetrock to framed walls and doing something with ceiling (ceilings are very tall for a basement...approx 10 ft high.) I'd like a place to put a few pieces of exercise equipment I own, a small tv to watch while exercising, and maybe even put a ping pong table in (I love ping pong for exercise and fun).

So, how does one start planning a game room/exercise room combo? What is the minium sq ftg a room should be to consider converting it into a useful area for R & R? Is there a good website or book out there that shows various finished basement projects I could possibly try to replicate? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Stop at a recreation shop where they sell exercise equipment, pool tables and the like. They can advise the square footage recommended for various pieces.

The total space you require will be dependant upon the equipment. Our treadmill has rollers at the front so we can move it aside when not wanted. And, many ping pong tables fold for storage.

I advise everyone beginning a project to develop a plan, to scale, on paper. You'll need to take into consideration wall placement, their thickness, anticipate any electrical, lighting and plumbing as well. I've included a copy of our basement plan from the link at "My Page". Good luck.

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Thank you! I've already been anticipating electrical and plumbing and have urged hubby to think ahead about those things. The small garage will be his workshop adjacent to the gameroom/exercise room, so he will need to take a drink or take a leak now and then and should plan for that, methinks!

Thanks for the link to your "my page"...I'll take a look at it now and hope to glean what I can from your experience. I appreciate you taking the time to share!

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I found a neat online free floorplan tool at

Here is a link that might be useful: Floorplanner

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Fort - Thanks for that website!!

We are just getting started on planning our basement and this will be much better than the graph paper I'm using.

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