Need help! How to insulate when stud walls are already up

kaidanNovember 2, 2010

So I have been completely busy with work and left the basement planning up to my husband, who does not know that much about basement finishing. Now, not busy, I realize we have made a mistake. The studs are already up throughout the basement and this morning the electrician came to wire. We have not put foam insulation in yet :(

Obviously, we should have done that before the studs went up. What should we do now?? We can still buy the foam boards and cut them to fit behind the studs and then tape them to say 14" pieces between each stud? Or should we find another method of insulating (besides taking down the stud walls and starting over).

Thanks for any info you can provide!

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We can still buy the foam boards and cut them to fit behind the studs and then tape them

Sounds OK.

In many cases, though, you can cut the screws on the base and top plates with a reciprocating saw and remove the stud wall in toto and replace the same way. Or you can use ccspf if it's in your budget.

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You should consider having spray foam insulation done. It is a little more costly but you get a much better job and it fills in all the voids. It's normally done after all the electricial wiring work is completed.

I've done what you talked about, cutting 2" foam board and inserting between the studs but it is very time comsuming and it will never work as well as the sprayed in foam.

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i have to agree with's ok your studs are up...don't know if they're still showing it, but on, they show exactly what it looks likes to have the foam of the hosts had it done on her basement make-over.

what you might want to do before installing insulation, is use a moisture barier paint on the concrete, then the insulation..that's what my ds1 did (we're in se mi) and their home is about 60 yo...

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I third the motion for spray foam insulation. The closed cell (at R 6.8 per inch) is my preference--it will also seal out air infiltration (rigid insulation won't) and provide rigidity.

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Thank you for the responses! So... we already have the 2" foam board insulation. I was talking our situation over with a neighbor and he said it's possible to cut the 2" boards in half (which are 2 ft each) and adhere to our basement walls. Then in the spaces between the foam and the studs (about an inch on each side) we could use spray foam insulation.

Is this crazy talk or completely do-able? DH is stubborn ;) and does not want to return the foam boards. He says it will all be fine.

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You are trying to fill in the simplest way possible the space between the back of the studs and the foundation wall.

If that space is a half inch or less, you can use a handheld polyurethane spray such as Great Stuff. At anything greater, it's usually easier to cut strips of XPS foam board and slip it in as you thought about doing in your original post.

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