smoken a fatty

frodo_2009February 17, 2009

i have a brinkman smoker..i call it r2d2

and i love to use it

2 lbs of sausage i use jimmy dean 1 lb chubs

1 pound pepperoni sliced

1 pack shredded cheddar cheese

1 zip lock bag

put the sausage in the zip loc bag and close it

lay on table and press the sausage all over even thickness

put some tinfoil on table

split the side of zip loc bag open and transfer the flat mixture to the tinfoil

put pepperonni and cheese on sausage..using the foil

roll the sausage up then tightly wrap in the foil

place in frig to firm up

then put on the smoker for 4-5 hours..with out the foil

the sausage can be stuffed with what ever you want

onions,peppers,other meat, pineapple

your imigination is your guide

after smoking cut in slices and eat on biscuits

or any way you want...

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